With more than 30 years of professional experience in the legal field, Nichole has worn just about every hat there is to wear – Assistant, Attorney, Community Liaison, Operations Director, Administrative Counsel, and Owner. She has held high-level positions in organizations of more than 300 people and with multi-million dollar budgets. In addition to running large operations, she has launched non-profit and for-profit businesses from the ground up. Nichole has spent the last two decades focused on helping businesses (especially law firms) run more productively and deliver better results. Prior to joining the HTM team as an Advisor, Nichole was a member! She owned an operations consulting business and was affiliated with a boutique law firm that helped creative entrepreneurs. Before opening her own businesses, Nichole was the Operations Director and Administrative Counsel for the Public Defender’s Office in Tampa, Florida, and consulted for other Public Defenders across Florida from the Panhandle to the Keys. In these roles, Nichole was responsible for designing solutions, leading teams, and building systems that handled legal representation on both the large and small scales. She was also sought after to lead strategic planning, growth management, conflict resolution, and leadership development programs in legal and non-legal organizations across Florida. A life-long advocate for equal access and opportunity, Nichole joined to How to Manage so that she could help lawyers help more people.