After completing both her Undergraduate and Law School education at the University of Georgia, Jessica proudly boasts that she is a double DAWG. Upon graduating Law School, she entered into a small criminal defense firm in Atlanta, Georgia and her role quickly shifted and grew as the firm’s practice manager overseeing the creation and implementation of the firm’s policies and procedures, technology and marketing, as well as, pioneering the growth of the solo practice into a profitable practice of 5 attorneys. The website development and marketing strategies she created enabled this firm to open additional offices and eventually to sell the practice for a considerable profit.

She relocated to Dallas, Texas and used her experience in helping small firms grow to advise major financial institutions and a Fortune 500 company on how to manage entire teams of attorneys. She became recognized for writing and implementing policies and procedures for litigation holds researching how the company would accomplish the holds while remaining compliant with Federal Law. After creating the policy, she formulated a way to place a file “on hold” within the client’s case management software creating a simple technical solution saving her client hundreds of thousands of dollars with little disruption to the file close-out timeline.

She used her expertise in attorney oversight and compliance to assist the nation’s largest mortgage servicer and was hired by them to oversee a contested litigation portfolio for the Eastern division. Her greatest achievement for this client was to convince them to break down the discovery process, making it separate from the contested litigation portfolio in order to enhance close-out rates. The firm profited all fees for the discovery portfolios for all 50 states (creating a whole new line of business) and she removed the only other onsite competing firm from the equation. She has also presented to several boards and business development teams this “discovery service” and sold it to other clients.

Finally, she has extensive experience in using numerous case management software systems and has helped in the development of proprietary oversight software for her clients to provide dual tracking so that discrepancies in reporting and billing are alleviated. She is a certified mediator with over 100 hours of mediation experience and a member of her town’s Cultural Arts Commission. For even more fun, she loves to wake surf, drive her jeep (manual transmission by the way), watch Georgia football and spend time with her amazing kiddo.