Evelyn has over 25 years of management and finance experience, including more than a decade in industry followed by fourteen years in professional services. Most recently, she was a limited partner at a boutique management consulting practice. Prior to professional consulting, she held Operations Director positions at two large, public corporations.

A seasoned problem solver across executive, operational and finance functions, she has led projects focusing on strategic planning, functional best practices, financial forecasting, business analytics and internal controls. She has extensive integration, turnaround and crisis management experience.

She learned disaster recovery best practices when her offices where destroyed by Hurricane Ike over a weekend in 2008, and the company was up and operating by noon the next Monday in a temporary location.

Evelyn is certified as both a yoga and Pilates instructor. She resides in Cypress, Texas with her husband Chris, her beloved dogs, and her thoroughbred “Account in Style” nearby. Her two sons are currently enrolled in college, and may even graduate someday.