I am a tested business leader with two decades of sales, marketing, and finance experience, as well as over a decade of coaching experience, working both for corporate organizations and in the entrepreneurial world.

I have been a student of human behavior for over twenty years. I remember being fascinated with my psychology class in high school and wanting to attend college to study psychology. However, my mother is a business graduate and my father an accountant, lawyer, and tax specialist. So when I spoke to them about my desire, they both recommended I study business. “You can work doing anything and pretty much everywhere when you study business,” they said.

So, I went to college to study business and majored in finance and marketing. I proceeded to work in the financial industry where I quickly rose to the position of being in charge of generating and creating the financial reports and projections for hotels to request loans from the Inter-American Development Bank (IADB).

From there, I moved into the pharmaceutical industry where I organized and led events with over 1,000 participants several times a year. Later, I was in charge of leading teams in the sales and marketing departments, and being responsible for the entire marketing and sales operation of a $60M product alongside its P&L and its team.

I have worked in finance, pharmaceuticals, and telecommunications amongst others, always leading teams and being ultimately responsible for marketing and sales.

After eight country relocations and ten years moving from country to country, I was determined to find a job that would allow me to be location independent, make my own money, and raise my children at the same time. I went back to school to study psychology and human behavior, and I became certified as a Master Professional Coach.

Before deciding to join How to Manage A Small Law Firm, I founded and grew my own coaching business from 2012 to 2017 where I specialized in helping others build businesses, get leads, market their services, get clients, and grow their revenues.

I was teaching courses on marketing, sales, public speaking, copywriting, online marketing, and mindset while helping a large number of individuals change their lives by growing their businesses, making awesome money, and overcoming their perceived limitations.

I find incredible satisfaction in mentoring individuals to optimize performance and grow professionally, personally, and financially. I thrive in roles where there is a challenge to grow a business beyond what the owner thought possible. I love mentoring individuals to become the best version of themselves.

I am proud to be a dynamic speaker, a devoted mom, and the author of Beyond the Lies ~ The Ways Women Sacrifice Freedom by Relying on Others.

My husband Oscar and I have four children with whom we live in Miami, Florida, alongside our three dogs – a cocker spaniel (Scott), a Westie Highlander (Sophie), and a Maltese (Lilli).

During the weekends, I usually ditch the makeup and high heels, and you will find me with a ponytail doing some sort of outdoor activity. I love skiing, scuba-diving, white-water rafting, and everything that takes me to the outdoors. I also love reading about everything leadership, human behavior, and personal development.

And I am looking forward to meeting YOU and helping YOU transform your business and your life.