Eric has owned his own consulting and speaking firm for 23 years helping small to medium sized business owners grow their business. He has worked with businesses ranging from fresh, new startups, to national brands like RE/MAX, SUCCESS Magazine, and Sam’s Club to name a few. Eric’s passion and focus is transforming complicated business challenges into easy to understand and easy to implement solutions. He is forever in pursuit of simplicity on the far side of complexity.He earned his Bachelor’s Degree in ‘93 and his MBA in ‘99. But if you ask him why you’d want to work with him on a project, he’ll tell you that it has nothing to do with his education, rather, it’s all about his experience. He’s been there in the trenches with clients and team members “doing” whatever it takes to get whatever it is done while making it faster, better, and easier. He always shoots straight with you and he focuses on what matters – which is building solutions that solve real problems.In his spare time, he enjoys woodworking projects, going to movies with his wife, and building software tools that solve unique problems for small businesses.