Eric is a senior executive and business leader with strong experience in technology and technology enabled business services. With over 20 years of experience working with startups and some of the most admired companies in the world in operations, marketing, sales, finance and general management, Eric brings a very unique and objective view to the operations of a business through the focus of the long term objectives and aspirations of its owners and stakeholders as well as the overall customer experience. Eric began his career on the business side of technology working for the largest technology distributor in the world. He quickly recognized an opportunity for taking share from competitors and built a team and a $150 million division in under 2 years. From then until now Eric has spent is career focusing on helping organizations shift from traditional business models to “xx as a Service” businesses. He has led teams of over 1500 to small strategic teams of 10. From the mid 2000’s to recently he was the owner of a technology consulting practice based in New England with offices in Vermont, Boston, Buffalo, NY and Houston, TX. He bought the single location business with revenues of under $1 million and in less than 10 years grew the business to over $22 million, while increasing percentage of profit and locations in 4 states. Since the sale of the business he has been working with small to medium sized law firms on creating an amazing customer experience and systematizing operations. Eric has been fortunate to teach various business and leadership classes at Sloan School of Management, and within the SUNY system as well has high performance driving with BMWCCA and SCCA. He has been on several boards of not-for-profits serving in various capacities including CFO, Director of Technology and General Board Member and Advisor, most recently with Youngstown Junior Sailing Foundation and The Mental Health Associates.

Eric splits his time between Marion, MA, Houston, TX and Buffalo, NY. He skis in the winter, is an avid sailor in the summer, racing big boats on the Great Lakes and dedicates at least an hour a day to fitness. He enjoys playing tennis, running, cycling (ex-racer), going to alternative and indie band, maybe some 80’s New Wave as well, concerts, working out and cooking Indian, Mediterranean and Mexican food (hence the daily workouts) with his wife, Alia. They have 4 kids, twin girls and 2 boys of the same age, all pre-teen.