At 25, Dawn Mobley was the Supervisor of Administration & Training at a nuclear power plant. It was in these early years that Dawn learned that a business could only achieve stability and scalability if it had a strong foundation to build upon, so she began developing and implementing systems, procedures and resources for her teams that would allow them to operate with clarity and efficiency. Before moving on, Dawn earned company performance awards for significant backlog reductions and significant process improvements.

Over the next 20 years, Dawn worked with large corporations, mid-sized companies, small businesses and entrepreneurs. She has provided support in the areas of Human Resources, Training & Development, Marketing, Operations, Process Improvement, Project Management, Sales and Coaching. While Dawn appreciates the knowledge and experience she has gained in Corporate America, she prefers working with entrepreneurs because they have the ability to quickly implement changes that can transform their businesses into money-making machines much faster than large organizations.

It was while working with a local Estate Planning attorney wanting to sell his struggling practice, that Dawn found her niche. She enjoyed helping the attorney build and grow his law business so much that she knew she wanted to focus on helping other small law firms and solopreneurs reach their personal, professional and financial goals.

When the local law office sold, Dawn continued to work with lawyers virtually. Through the years, Dawn has helped hundreds of lawyers implement systems, increase their sales, improve their marketing, get in touch with their numbers and achieve breakthroughs. She is thrilled to be a part of How to Manage a Small Law Firm and is looking forward to helping our members take their businesses to 11.

Dawn lives in Central Illinois with her husband, stepdaughter and their 15-year-old adopted Beagle. She has three adult children and one grandson who all live on the same street, which makes frequent home cooked meals at mom’s house very convenient. In addition to cooking, Dawn loves writing, sewing and DIY projects.