How can we use well planned, well targeted and well executed marketing to help you reach your business objectives? The answer to that question is Charles’ guiding compass: Turn your business goals into effective marketing that will help you actually attain those goals–because reaching your growth and profitability goals is the entire purpose of doing all that marketing “stuff”!

While he’s never been an attorney (but was an architect!), Charles did start his own marketing agency and leverages a dozen years of agency ownership, twenty-plus years of project management and eight years of working closely with sales/BD to help hone your team into a robust automatic marketing machine.

As the founder of a specialized marketing firm focusing on professional services SMBs, he has developed and executed a wide range of marketing and creative guidance–from startup to Fortune 500, and from cutting-edge digital to sales+marketing integration. He also fully understands the bare-knuckles nature of running a small firm and has nothing but respect (and a whole lot of empathy) for everyone with the tenacity to “fight the good fight”.

As a content and authority marketing expert, Charles loves working face-to-face with a firm’s decision makers to better understand where the real pains are for the owner and key stakeholders. Sometimes the apparent concerns aren’t really the core issues—and you can’t solve a problem if you don’t truly understand it. Charles has lived all over the place (TN, TX, NM, Seattle, Switzerland, CO) and is passionate about travelling, delta blues and tasty food. When he’s in relaxion mode, he’s usually out enjoying the Colorado mountains…with his dog…and a craft beer.