Bonni Gonzalez has held a variety of positions including CEO, Director of Technical Communications, and Director of Creative and Content, and was previously with Scantron Corporation as Director of Marketing where she was responsible for leading content and cadence marketing, driving leads and lead conversion, hiring and training new staff, and promoting Scantron products and services in more than 5 different market spaces.  Bonni is most proud of increasing leads from cold to sales-qualified by more than 200% for 3 years in a row.  Bonni ran her own consulting business for more than 20 years and supported Scantron users both before and after the sale for more than 15 years. Bonni currently also teaches a class at the University of California, Riverside, titled “Technical Communication for Engineers” (but could just as easily be called “How to Survive Your First Two Career Years without Doing Something Stupid”). In her spare time, Bonni enjoys road trips with her husband, crocheting gifts for friends and family, and gardening. Bonni is a 4th-generation San Diego native and UCSD alumna, although she now lives in Riverside (still SoCal, though!). Bonni is also a published author: her technical communications textbook, Engineering Words, written with her co-instructor, was released in February of 2023.