Andy Voth has held a variety of positions including Aircraft Maintenance Engineer and Aviation Safety Inspector and was previously with Boeing Aircraft Co. as Aircraft Maintenance Training Curriculum Developer where he was responsible for the development of Boeing’s Birth-to-Death Aircraft Maintenance Training curriculum for China East Airlines in Shanghai, China.  Andy has also owned and operated his own consulting firm, his own adventure travel company, and has 15 years of experience running and facilitating personal development training seminars as an event supervisor and Fire Master. Andy is most proud of the teams and systems he has built which were used to accomplish a high level of success in a variety of fields.  In his spare time, Andy enjoys mountaineering, rock climbing, hiking, mountain biking, and kayaking. Andy currently resides in a remote mountain region and is experimenting with living semi-off-grid in a 1962 Greyhound bus he has been converting into the tiny home of his dreams.