Andrew has held a variety of positions including Manager of International Sales, Project Manager for Resilient Communities, and Researcher at the Weston Seismological Observatory, and was previously with WegoWise by AppFolio as Manager of Strategic Accounts where they were responsible for building a new sales team to target the top 100 multifamily real estate portfolios, advising state agencies on public policy and tax incentives related to energy efficiency, and creating partnerships with large financiers—including Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and HUD—to develop and expand their green loans programs. 

Andrew is most proud of having raised $1.1 MM after Hurricane Maria struck Puerto Rico to build 30 off-grid community centers that would provide essential services to over 7,500 residents in the affected communities. In their spare time, Andrew enjoys climbing mountains, collecting ultra-light camping gear, volunteering at the American Red Cross, and spending time with his dog, Kilimanjaro.