Tarek Abuata
Law Firm Management & Marketing Advisor

Tarek is an attorney with a bachelor’s degree in psychology and over 20 years of executive management in international development work experience. After graduating from the University of Texas Law School, Tarek worked in international negotiations and later moved to various executive positions pioneering and managing international development projects, including leading the implementation of development, programmatic, marketing, communications, and operational plans, strategies, and objectives.

Tarek is skilled at zooming out to the larger strategic picture, then zooming in to ensure financial optimization and resource management, passionately guiding stakeholders into result-focused solutions for growth and success. Tarek’s insightful approach, dynamic personality, and unwavering commitment to guiding entrepreneurs to perform at their highest potential make him a fearless advisor.

Tarek lives in Houston, Texas, and enjoys math puzzles and a variety of music and dance. He is also fluent in four different languages, and currently working on mastering a fifth.

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