Erika Ferenczi
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Erika Ferenczi, born and raised in Mexico City, is a dynamic speaker, loving Mom, devoted wife, entrepreneur, and marketing and financial expert.

She is also the author of the book Beyond the Lies ~ The Ways Women Sacrifice Freedom by Relying on Others.

Erika started her career by leading corporate teams in the areas of finance, marketing
and sales.

She left it all to follow her heart and build a family with the promise of the Happily-Ever-After, just to wake up some years later and find her entire life had shattered. Nothing was working, and she felt completely powerless.

In that moment, she made a decision that would alter the destiny of her life forever. She decided she would stand on her own two feet and never again depend financially on another human being.

Erika specializes in working with entrepreneurs who want to own their own businesses. She teaches marketing, sales, and the mindset necessary to succeed in any area of business
or life.

Erika’s background is business and finance. Before graduating from college, she started her career in a small financial firm in Mexico City, working on the ins and outs of obtaining financing loans from the World Wide Bank for hotel projects.

Then she worked in pharmaceuticals where she held positions in marketing, sales, administration and most recently as a product manager, which made her responsible at a national level for the sales and marketing of a $60 Million USD cardiovascular product.

Later she also worked in the communications sector where she led a team of 50 all male engineers to become the company’s #1 department in just over a year.

Erika founded and grew her own mentoring business from 2012 to 2017, when she decided to join How to Manage a Small Law Firm.

Erika is a financial expert by profession and a business mentor by heart. She specializes in helping business owners get more clients and grow their businesses in record time.

Erika believes that the moment you turn your business into your life’s mission and you learn the art of marketing and sales, you cannot help but succeed.

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