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Small Law Firm University (or, SLFU, for short) is conceptualized like an MBA-program specifically designed for law firm owners.

It is intentionally designed to give you tangible results that move the needle on your law firm’s core Key Performance Indicators (or, KPIs, for short) immediately.

Also, unlike any traditional college program you could possibly find anywhere else, your journey through SLFU is completely customized for your firm’s specific needs, based on your current stage of growth and the needs of your firm right now.

Which stage of growth is your law firm in? Six stages $0-$250k, $250k-$500k, $500k-$1.5MM, $1.5MM-$3MM, $3MM-$5MM, $5MM-$10MM+

The best part? This program comes with a 90-day money-back guarantee.

Right now, you can test-drive SLFU at NO RISK TO YOU.

That’s how confident we are that you WILL see results and see them FAST.

Do not make the rookie mistake of talking yourself out of an opportunity that carries no risk and could set you on a path to becoming a multi-million-dollar law firm.

No joke.

Many of our members have passed the million-dollar-mark.

It’s not even that hard to do. You’ve just got to put the right steps in the right order. And that’s what SLFU helps you do.

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Here’s what you get in SLFU:

  • Access to a 12-week crash course designed to front-load as much information as you likely can digest within your first 3 months in the program. This crash course has been refined by thousands of law firms going through it over many years and is proven to yield dramatic results… with some firms doubling their revenues just during this first three-month period alone!
  • In addition to laying the introductory coursework foundation for the rest of your journey through SLFU, the crash course also gives us an opportunity to get to know you and your firm better, so we can create a customized course engagement plan for your firm. This customized plan will be designed to allow you to carve out a path through our extensive course catalog to find the course-engagement plan that works best for you and to maximize the ROI for your firm.
  • Once a quarter, you’ll have a dedicated 1:1 call with your own personal Guidance Counselor to check-in on your progress and refine the plan of engagement for the coming quarter.
  • And, in case, you need more guidance and interaction than an asynchronous online learning platform affords, you will have weekly access to group calls designed to keep you on track and maximize the value you receive from your experience.
    • Every other week, an experienced law firm management advisor trained in helping law firms just like yours achieve explosive growth will lead a presentation on a topic designed to help your firm grown, with time for Q&A available at the end of the call.
    • Additionally, your dedicated Guidance Counselor will make him or herself available for “Office Hours” to answer whatever questions you may have in a freeform basis every two weeks as well. In short, we will not let you fail.
happy lawyers enjoying the HTM community
YOUR success is OUR success, so rest assured we will make sure you get what you need to set yourself up for rapid growth! But that’s not all. Your membership in SLFU also grants you full access to…
  • Access to the “HTM App” and “HTM Membership Site” where you will find decades of institutional knowledge cataloged by some of the smartest minds in the legal industry to help grow your firm, and will have access to a private forum – and membership directory – to network with, and ask questions of, some of the fastest-growing law firms in the country.
  • Access to the “HTM Dashboard” – a tool specifically designed for small law firms like yours to give you unparalleled visibility into the key “metrics that matter” to drive growth and profitability for your firm. You punch in your revenue goal, the dashboard will calculate exactly what you need to do to achieve it.
  • A Business Plan Workshop– Every 18 months we’ll take you through a 2-day deep-dive process designed to help you create a customized plan for your business to drive growth and maximize the profitability of your firm through a framework that has proven to be the key to the success of some of the fastest-growing firms in the country.
  • And, last but not least, your enrollment in SLFU entitles you to admission for 2 to the members-only “Live Quarterly Meetings” we hold every quarter at an elite hotel in varying locations across the country. These 3-day events not only allow us the time to bring in some of the top experts in law firm growth and management in the world to go “an inch wide and a mile deep” on a specific topic relevant to the growth and management of your law firm, but also give you an opportunity to network with some of the fastest-growing law firms in the country. You’ll be surrounded by firms that are growing, on average, 10-15x the national average for law firms in the United States, and hear stories of growth and profitability so extraordinary that people outside of “the HTM bubble” often accuse us of making these stories up. But, within this network of elite law firms, you’ll quickly come to see as normal what people outside of this “bubble” often view as impossible.

We are known for helping our clients build 7-figure firms.

And we do it with a simple, common sense formula that no law school on earth teaches.

We geek out on helping you implement solid, no-fail cashflow strategies. We thrive on telling you exactly what you need to do right now to jump to the next revenue level.

And there’s no problem, no obstacle, no area of practice we haven’t seen and fixed.
We aren’t going to let you fail.
Because when you double, triple or quadruple your results?
We look good.

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“It’s quite normal within this program to grow by a hundred percent or sixty percent year on year. So just seeing other members do that it became very clear to me that it was totally possible.”

-Jennifer Gore Cuthbert, Atlanta Personal Injury Law Group – Gore, LLC, Atlanta, GA

“You do a lot of learning about mindset and about understanding yourself and about what is holding you back personally. So professionally, financially, and personally I’ve grown as a human being and that allows me to add more value to my clients and that allows me to basically be better for them. If I’m better for them then I’m helping lives.”

-Ronald Pollack, Pollack Steinberg, LLP., Philadelphia, PA

“That’s the ultimate goal: To have a successful business being good at what you do. You benefit from that but so do hundreds and thousands of other people that you get to help.

There are defining moments in a person’s life. And one of those moments for me is when I chose to join How To Manage A Small Law Firm. It’s a wild fun ride. I love it. It’s been the best thing I ever could have done for my business.”

-Jeremy Hugus, The Platte River Law Firm, Casper, WY

“My firm had been just growing just growing by dribs and drabs, and I wanted to have more profit from my business so I could do more for my family. When I started I was $340,000 and now I’m at $665,000, which is close to double what I did two years ago.

When I joined I thought having a $1,000,000 firm was completely ridiculous. ‘That’s not possible for me to have a $1,000,000 firm.’ And now my goal is to have a 1.2 million dollar firm.”

-Lisa Speaker, Speaker Law Firm, Lansing, MI

“HTM (How To Manage) to me was sort of getting an applied MBA and how to run my own business. Setting goals, measuring, and coming back. The other thing that I got out of HTM was and continue to get out of HTM is a lot of the mindset work that’s done. Thinking about what your own blocks are, what are your own fears, what is standing in the way. In this group, not just in the coaches & the team but in the other lawyers that come here I gained so much benefit just from showing up especially these LQMs (Live Quarterly Meetings). That association with just the peers has been transformational in of itself.”

-Nathan Riordan, Wenokur Riordan PLLC, Seattle, WA

“We live in a society where the paradigm is scarcity. How To Manage (HTM) teaches you that there’s enough out there for all of us. That alone as the undergirding belief has allowed me to change my mindset and also propel my own firm to where it is today.”

-Christina McKinnon, McKinnon Legal, Miramar, FL

Look , what you’ve done up to this point has gotten you this far.
New results require new action, new strategies and new answers.

Are you ready to set yourself up for rapid and predictable growth?

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