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Stage 6


Your Firm's CFO

$3M - $5M


You’ve reached a level of success that most solo and small law firm owners only dream of.


But you’re probably noticing a few things:

  1. You still have problems they are just different kinds of problems than the ones you had at $250k
  2. You have more to lose now, so you’re hesitant to give up too much control to people you’re supposed to trust.
  3. Mistakes at this level are expensive as hell!

When your CFO makes a mistake, or a mistake is made by you in the management of your CFO, you feel it in your wallet and your firm pays the price.

Big time.

If you haven’t yet experienced a major flub, call yourself lucky and take action to avoid one. Because at this level, you are one major mistake away from a financial nightmare.

But here’s what happens.

At this level, you, the business owner, are managing multiple cases, a growing staff, marketing campaigns and you’re still trying to run, read and manage your financial controls and with all of that going on, mistakes could be happening right under your nose, right in the office next door.

And you won’t know until it’s too late.

If you’ve been hiring, managing, and then firing your CFO on your own, there’s a good chance that you are not going to grow beyond your current level because you cannot sufficiently manage and leverage your CFO while trying to juggle the other tasks that you’re multi-million dollar firm requires of you.

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Christina McKinnon

McKinnon Legal, Miramar, FL

“We live in a society where the paradigm is scarcity. How To Manage (HTM) teaches you that there’s enough out there for all of us. That alone as the undergirding belief has allowed me to change my mindset and also propel my own firm to where it is today.”


We’re taking on the critical responsibility of working with the CFO’s for our top clients and the results speak for themselves. Those firms are well on their way to $5Million in annual revenue and it’s happening fast. We will work with your CFO to make sure that person is meeting your numbers and staying aligned with your plan.

Not sold? We get it. It’s tough to loosen the reins. You may be wondering how exactly your firm will be affected. You may not be able to see how you doing LESS is actually the key to growing MORE.

That’s why we wrote the report “3 Ways A Professionally Managed CFO Will Dramatically Improve Your Results (And Your Life).”

We’re not guessing here. We’re not hoping. We have proven that our team can help CFO’s succeed which has led to our clients doubling their revenue in about 18 months.

Click below to download this free report right now and then book your time with one of our team Members by following the link in the report. It’s a time investment we know you’ll be happy you’ve made for yourself and for your firm.

Download Your FREE Report:

“3 Ways A Professionally Managed CFO Will Dramatically Improve Your Results (And Your Life)”

You are the owner of a multi-million-dollar law firm.

There are some jobs you just shouldn’t be doing anymore. But they still need to be done. 
And done right.

That’s where we come in.
We exist to make your life easier.
And getting a CFO on track to take control is your fast track to freedom.

Our most successful clients who have taken us up on this opportunity are reporting not only massive spikes in revenue, but a decrease in stress and an increase in fulfillment and freedom.

I guess you could call us the millionaire’s rescue team. You could call us the Law Firm Management experts.

But if you don’t call us at all, you’ll likely stay stuck at $3M and continue to have the same headaches year after year.

Million-dollar-business owners know when it’s time to delegate in order to dominate.

And that time is now, in STAGE 5.

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