Warning: These 5 Marketing Mistakes Will Destroy Your Law Firm And By The Time You Realize This It Will Be Too Late…

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with RJon Robins & Michael Carroll to learn how to

Market and Convert A-Clients & turn away the WRONG clients

Hopefully, you haven’t personally dealt with the unnerving experience of a bar grievance or malpractice suit but you probably do know another lawyer who has. Or you know someone who knows someone with a horrible story.

The scary part is it wouldn’t take much for that story to be about you. “That’s impossible,” you’re saying to yourself… “I’m a great lawyer and I am incredibly responsible in how I practice law.” 

There’s no doubt that you probably are a great lawyer, who works meticulously, and genuinely cares about your clients… But the thing is that malpractice issues don’t just happen to the ‘bad’ lawyers who are irresponsible and unethical.

Legal malpractice problems generally stem from law firm management issues – particularly in issues related to your firm’s Marketing.

Most malpractice accusations come from F-Clients that should have never retained your law firm in the first place. Your firm’s Marketing assets should never be attracting these clients, and it should, in fact, be speaking to them saying “This is not for you.”

But how do you do this, especially when you need X number of clients in order to keep the lights on?!?!

That’s exactly what we’ll be covering in this 2-Day Intensive Direct Response Marketing workshop with RJon Robins & Mike Carroll, which you are being invited to attend on our compliments.

All we ask for you to reserve your seat is a 100% refundable seat deposit of $197, to make sure you’re serious about attending the workshop. We’ll be capping the event at 20 lawyers in order to be able to provide as much value as we can, answering everyone’s questions and providing individual attention to needs of each lawyer at the workshop – nearly half of these seats have been claimed already.

Click the button below, pay your deposit & show up on June 8!

When you arrive at the workshop, 100% of your seat deposit will be refunded to you. If you don’t show up it will be donated to charity.

When you attend the workshop, you’ll discover exactly how to get your law firm’s marketing to do both jobs of ATTRACTING the right clients & REPELLING the wrong ones.

We’ll be sharing some of the most effective marketing strategies your law firm should be doing, including:

  • Direct Mail advertising that has a positive ROI
  • Online Marketing that will actually monetize your leads
  • Effective Landing pages that convert and don’t cost much money or time to make.
  • Copy that makes your prospects want to buy 
  • A Glide path that converts before your sales appointment
  • How your referral system can become your #1 lead source without costing you any more money

… PLUS the personal lessons RJon and Mike will bring to this workshop from their own businesses and the “Hard-Knocks School of Life” that they have both attended on the road to building their own multi-million dollar business.


About your hosts:

RJon & Mike both have a passion for helping solo and small law firm owners (like you) grow their businesses. 

How To Manage A Small Law Firm, founded by RJon Robins, assists lawyers with the BUSINESS of running a law firm… That’s everything from hiring, operational procedures, marketing, financial controls, etc.

Insuring Lawyer, founded by Michael Carroll also helps lawyers with one of the most important parts of their law firm’s business, by providing them with the best insurance products on the market to protect their firms.

Together, HTM & Insuring Lawyer have put together a one-of-a-kind insurance malpractice product ONLY for Members of How To Manage A Small Law Firm. One of the benefits of being under this policy is a COMPLIMENTARY workshop with RJon and Mike all about Marketing.

(Scroll to the bottom of the Q&A section on this page to discover some of the benefits of Insuring Lawyer’s exclusive malpractice policy, that are unmatched industry-wide.) 

Why are RJon & Mike hosting a free workshop? Well, it’s well-known that one of the biggest reasons lawyers like you get sued by clients – and sometimes even by prospects who didn’t hire their firm – is because of the types of marketing practices their firm is conducting.

Because remember… Your firm’s marketing should actually be doing 2 jobs.

  1. Attracting & converting A-Clients that your firm can help efficiently and profitably.

  2. Turning the WRONG clients off, and helping them understand your firm is not for them.

… And those clients that your marketing failed to turn off are the ones who were either F-clients or just not for your firm to help. Those are the people that are most likely to sue you for malpractice.

Click the button below, pay your 100% REFUNDABLE seat deposit, and show up on JUNE 8 to discover how BETTER Marketing can help you PREVENT a malpractice suit.