Everything you need to know to participate, refer your colleagues & WIN prizes that will help YOU make more money.

We are now only 12% away from reaching our goal of 400 Members in our C-Suite services (CEO, COO &/or CFO) before we temporarily stop taking new engagements. 

Why are we doing this? As RJon has explained on a number of occasions when we reach 400 we are going to put a cap on Membership for at least 1 year to give the entire team a chance to catch-up and rebuild the systems we’ve outgrown.

Programs will focus on giving YOU more value and providing the amazing team with more training and resources. Marketing and sales will be doing a lot of housekeeping & clean up on all of the things that have supercharged our growth for the past 7 years. And all of the other parts of the business will also be revamped to prepare us to continue helping you and even more solo lawyers.

So Here’s The Latest on the Member Referral Challenge…

Until the April 2019 Discovery Day, we will be running the Member Referral Challenge and allocating much of our new member acquisitions budget to this challenge so that we can support YOU in getting your friends & colleagues to a Discovery Day before we have to put them on a waitlist.

The point of this whole challenge is to give you the tools you need to refer the most entrepreneurial, ambitious, like-minded and motivated attorneys that you know so that our community is enriched by their thoughts, personalities, and goals the same way all 345 of you make our community unique. Because at the end of the day, having more members just like all of you is why How To Manage A Small Law Firm is such a special place.

And of course, a challenge would be no fun if there weren’t any prizes available to WIN… And by the way, none of the prizes offered in the challenge are available for purchase (at least not right now) and ALL of them will help you make a quantum leap in your law firm.