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Our members kicked so much butt we made the Inc. 5000 list every year since 2015

HTM has made the INC5000 list every year since 2015, here are our rankings

“It gives me goosebumps thinking about it. You laid out how to grow a million dollar a firm on paper… This was October 2014 and October of 2017 is exactly when we hit it.

We’re just going to keep doing it and I don’t lose sleep anymore, my stress level has plummeted, I’ve finally become very relaxed and I feel great about where the firm is headed and comfortable that whatever happens, we can handle.”

-Brett Trembly, Trembly Law Firm, Miami, FL

“The reason we chose to sign up with HTM is we wanted to have something different. Why don’t we try that because it’s not working the way we’re doing it. I think the biggest shift we’ve made is to set our goals and just say them out loud both personal and professional and financial.”

-Chandra Davis, The Employment Law Solution Mcfadden Davis,LLC., Atlanta, GA

“It’s been one year so in this one year since joining the program my gross revenues grew 48%. The best thing I did was create systems so that I could offload the burden of everything that I was carrying on my own shoulders and develop a team.

This program is brought out incredible richness within myself, and not only monetary riches but also inner riches. Part of that comes from the freedom of not having to carry everything all the time”

-Michael Cohen, Michael H Cohen Law Group, Palo Alto, CA

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About How to Manage a Small Law Firm

Our mission is simple: we help entrepreneurial solo and small law firm owners create law firms that are not only more fun to run, but which are also run more responsibly and much more profitably than poorly-run law firms. Poor law firm management can lead to attorney burnout, financial trouble, costly mistakes, and mismanagement of client matters.  How to Manage a Small Law Firm teaches its members to run their law firms as ethical, profitable businesses which serve our noble profession.

How to Manage a Small Law Firm was founded by attorney RJon Robins in 2008, and has since grown to be the largest provider of outside Managing Partner services in the Country and has been recognized as one of the fastest growing companies in the U.S. by Inc. Magazine for 6 years in a row.  We are dedicated exclusively to the unique needs of the owner of a solo or small law firm. Today, How to Manage a Small Law Firm boasts coast-to-coast membership with over 450 ambitious and entrepreneurial lawyers hailing from all practice areas and walks of life.

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