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Stop Playing Blind Archery

Stop Playing Blind Archery!

Complimentary 2 Hour Webinar

Thursday Aug 17th, 2017 From 3- 5 pm EST

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Your marketing is too important to leave to chance. No, screw that! Who gives a shit about your marketing…YOUR FAMILY IS TOO IMPORTANT TO TREAT THE MARKETING OF YOUR LAW FIRM LIKE AN AFTERTHOUGHT, don’t you agree?

At our most recent Live Quarterly Meeting for all our Members I conducted a simple but a very powerful exercise to help you figure out THE A+, #1 MOST IMPORTANT NUMBER that matters the absolute MOST when it comes to the marketing of your law firm.

If you don’t know this number you are playing blind archery.

If you don’t know this number then your marketing is out of control…and likely so is everything-else that depends on your marketing.

Your sales depends on your marketing. Your production depends on your marketing. Your staff’s productivity depends on your marketing. Your ability to escape from your office to rest & recover depends on your marketing. Your bank account depends on your marketing. Your vacations depend on your marketing. Your physical health depends on your marketing. Your professional reputation depends on your marketing. And your family’s well-being depends on your marketing.

Because without marketing not even the world’s best lawyer will have any clients.

…and without clients the world’s best lawyer won’t have any money to pay for staff. Or the rent. And then the world’s best lawyer will fall-apart and become the world’s most stressed-out father/mother/husband/wife, etc.

So YES, your marketing is important. Is it MORE important that doing a great job for your clients? No, I didn’t say that! Why does it have to be an “either-or” thing? Why can’t it be BOTH? Your firm has to do great work for your clients AND your firm must have good marketing to get great clients for whom you can do great work. But if you don’t know the A+, #1 MOST IMPORTANT NUMBER, that matters the absolute MOST, when it comes to the marketing of your law firm… then you are in real trouble.

ON THE OTHER HAND…when you DO know what the A+, #1, MOST IMPORTANT NUMBER IS when it comes to the marketing of YOUR law firm you will gain CLARITY.

You will be able to SEE INTO THE FUTURE.
You will become an empowered business owner because you will be able to take actions TODAY that will improve how your business operates and how you will probably be living your life tomorrow… and many tomorrows from today.

“How Many Prospective New Clients Does Your Firm’s Marketing Plan Have To Deliver To Your Door Each: Year/Quarter/Month/Week?”

Such a simple question isn’t it? So reasonable. So obvious. How many prospective new clients does all of your firm’s marketing activities have to deliver to your door in order for your firm to have enough clients who pay enough in fees for your firm to gross enough top-line income to pay all of it’s financial obligations including and especially its financial obligations to YOU and your family?

Register for this completely complimentary 90 minute webinar to learn more about WHY knowing this number will set you free. And see some step-by-step lessons that will show you HOW to figure out WHAT this number is FOR YOURSELF.

And please plan to stick around for an extra 30 minutes after the webinar presentation is over for live Q & A. This is important. Knowing your marketing numbers will give you direction and help make your marketing much more relevant. This will also bring a lot of clarity to your marketing efforts.


Thursday – August 17, 2017
3:00 – 5:00 pm EST