Are you ready? APPLY NOW

Stop Playing Blind Archery Thank You


We know you’re  busy.  So we are testing this optional text reminder system that is supposed to text you a reminder for the webinar about 10 minutes before it begins.  That way you can run to the bathroom, grab a cup of coffee and not miss a thing when the webinar begins on time!

PLEASE NOTE: We are testing a new system to provide this added service for you.  Keep in mind this whole campaign is being built very much in real time, in response to your requests and questions.  And Edwin (he’s the guy in the orange shirt in the first two videos) is a really good marketing manager but he’s sort of a half-assed computer programmer.  And our computer programmer has already left for the day.

Soooooo, the only way we know how to make this text reminder system work is for you to have to enter your name & email again in the form below.  We know, it sucks.  Almost as bad as having to walk three miles to school in the snow, up-hill both ways.  But not as bad as missing the webinar because you forgot.  So please bear with us and enter your info below, AGAIN.