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This workshop is all about helping you learn the power and skills behind decision making, so that you can have high-velocity growth in your law firm, with consistent cash flow, and build a solid law firm business that can pay for the life you want FAST… without the doubt that comes with “what if” I make the wrong decision or what will people think of me if I make the wrong decision.

Because, all of us smart, savvy, entrepreneurial lawyers think we know exactly what decisions we need to make to improve our business and quality of life, but when it comes down to it…

  • You’re scared you will make the wrong decision.
  • You’re scared of what people will think IF you make the wrong decision.
  • You spend too much time figuring out all of the details and “how” before you ever take any action, which costs you a lot of money and time.
  • You’re terrified to make a change and being uncomfortable.
  • You make decisions from the wrong place, either being afraid or pressured, instead of making decisions with clarity and criteria, like any owner of a $7MM firm would.
  • The ability to make a decision (whether good or bad, right or wrong) in your business is the #1 reason why your business is propelling forward, stagnating, or actually failing.

    You see, this workshop won’t tell you what decisions you need to make tomorrow, because well we simply cannot predict the future. But, it will teach you how to think about and how to make the decisions you need to make tomorrow, so that all of the decisions you make in your life can be less gut-wrenching and more productive.


MAY 25, 2016

Wednesday 10 am – 5 pm

MAY 25, 2016

Thursday 10 am – 5 pm


But how does decision-making lead to high-velocity growth, consistent cash flow, and a business that can quickly pay for the life that I want?

“The only reason How To MANAGE A Small Law Firm has grown nearly 7,000% in 7 years and became an Inc. 5000 company, is because I thought of the company as a $7MM firm even though we only grossed $70K in 2009.

That is not an easy thing to do.”

When everything around you reminds you that your business will only put $70K in your bank account, it is an ongoing task to think and make decisions like the owner of a $7 MM firm. And that mindset is what this workshop will help you accomplish.

  • Making decisions like the owner of a $7MM firm owner will force your business to grow into a $7MM firm in a very short amount of time.
  • Making decisions like the owner of a $7MM firm owner will improve the cash flow of your business, because a $7MM firm owner will not tolerate unstable cash flow coming in from crappy clients and mediocre marketing and sales efforts.
  • Making decisions like the owner of a $7MM firm means you will want the things and life a $7MM firm owner wants, and you will be forced to figure out how to make it a reality.

If you’re serious about taking your business to the next level, manifesting high-velocity growth, and have a new perspective on the decisions you’ll be making that will change your future, SIGN UP FOR THE WORKSHOP NOW.


2 day live workshop with RJ and Ale…
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$3000 Value
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The workshop comes with a 100% money back guarantee. If you don’t believe the concepts and skills taught at the event will improve your business, let us know by the end of the first day and we will refund you your money.


MAY 25, 2016

Wednesday 10 am – 5 pm

MAY 26, 2016

Thursday 10 am – 5 pm


Q. – Making decisions like the owner of a $7MM firm, when I’m only grossing $70K sounds an awful lot like pretending to have a $7MM firm. Can you explain this further so I don’t feel like I’m lying to my employees, clients, friends, and family?

A. – You do not have a $7MM firm, yet. You will not be telling people you are the owner of a $7MM firm, yet. You won’t be able to budget for some of the material things a $7MM firm owner has, yet.

But you will think of your firm like a $7MM firm, because one day soon it will be. Therefore, the decisions you make today as a firm that only grosses $70K, should be thought of like a firm that makes $7MM, because each one will push you closer to actually having a $7MM firm. Make sense?

It’s almost like buying the itsy, bitsy, teenie, weenie, yellow, polka dot bikini, before you’ve actually lost the weight you plan to lose, you’re not lying to yourself by buying it, but you’re that much closer because you bought it. Except developing business decision making skills takes A LOT more than the discipline to work out does.

Q. – Ok yes, that makes sense. Now how do I explain this to people in my business and loved ones, so they don’t think I’m crazy?

A. – The good news is that this workshop will help you let go of your fear of what other people will think. Anyone that is supportive of you and your business will understand this concept. You make a decision the same way a $7MM firm owner would, you’re one step closer to having a $7MM firm.