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Straight from Law Firm Management Advisor & CEO of an Inc. 5000 company for 5 years in a row, RJon Robins

Since you’ve come this far, it may interest you to know, the biggest problem we find owners of million-dollar solo law firms experience is loneliness and confusion.

It’s lonely at the top.

Sure, there are plenty of million dollar business owners. And you may even know a few lawyers who run a million-dollar law firm with a few partners.

But there aren’t too many 7 figure solos around. And fewer-still who you can have an open, honest and collaborative discussion with about the practical realities of what it’s like, how it feels and what you are thinking about doing to take your business to the next level!

You want to know what you’re truly capable of as an entrepreneur.

But most of the people around you cannot fathom why you still get up & go to work every day since you’re already making so much more money than they can imagine possible. If you even bother to let them know.

After all, the world doesn’t tend to be a very understanding place for those of us with multi-7 figure businesses who want to build it bigger & better, either just because you can or perhaps because you need to have a more successful business to accomplish other personal or even philanthropic goals in your life.

That’s why I sent you the that envelope a few days ago, inviting you to learn more about our Million Dollar Solo Lawyer Summit coming up in 2020.

Because YOU understand.

YOU know what it’s like to have a vision for your life and your business. You committed to making that vision happen. And you worked endless hours until it started to come true.

Then you got some help and continued to scale your business, with some new problems, but without the same kind of struggles…

Meaning, at least now you weren’t BROKE and you had some more freedom than you did at the beginning of your entrepreneurial journey.

And here you are now… A more mature business owner, with a 7-figure law firm that allows you to live the life you want to be living, and that doesn’t require you to work endless hours anymore.

The next level is in-sight for you, but you already know a new level means a new devil, because we don’t know what we don’t know when we reach new heights in our business.

And some of the biggest breakthroughs I’ve had building my own $15,000,000 business have come from being in high-level masterminds, with other business owners who were playing on the same field as me. One of the single most profitable decisions I’ve made for my business that generated an extra one-million dollars in revenue came about from a conversation I had on my way to the bathroom with one of my fellow peers at an event. (Yes, on the way to the bathroom!)

Which is why on Feb. 27-29 I am hosting an invitation-only meeting, to gather a group of highly successful solo & small law firm owners.

At the summit you’ll meet a couple dozen other multimillion dollar law firm owners and you’ll get to learn what’s working for them, what strategies they have in place to keep all 7-parts of their law firms running efficiently and profitably, and they’ll be happy to celebrate your entrepreneurial successes with you too.


If you’re the sort of person who SHOULD be at this meeting and whose law firm qualifies you to be at this meeting, then I shouldn’t have to work very hard to whet your appetite.

And it’s not going to cost you anything either.

This meeting is free.  I just want to bring-together a great group of highly successful law firm owners, who are like-minded, to exchange ideas, explore possibilities and see whatever comes of it.

All you need to do is schedule an appointment below with Chris Dyson to see if your firm qualifies you to attend this meeting. Should you be invited to attend the summit, there will only be a refundable deposit required to hold your seat, which will be 100% refunded to you when you show-up to the event.