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When How To MANAGE a Small Law Firm started back in 2008, its Founder and current CEO, RJon Robins, was determined prove that happy lawyers really do make more money.  That building a successful law firm that makes you happy and improves the lives of your own clients is what causes the law firm to be profitable, not the other way around.

Seven years later, How To MANAGE a Small Law Firm is now the leading, largest, biggest and dare we say the best provider of outside CEO, COO & CFO services exclusively for solo and small law firms, in the Country.

How To Manage A Small Law Firm currently functions as the outside CEO for nearly 200 solo and small law firms across the United States. Combined, Members of the How to Manage a Small Law Firm community of happy lawyers, gross nearly $50 million, employ more than 250 attorneys and staff and serviced an estimated 2,000 clients per year in a  wide range of consumer and business related issues.

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RJon Robins
Florida State Bar No. 126 713

In addition to our outside CEO, CFO, and COO services, we offer one-of-a-kind workshops and Live Quarterly Meetings dedicated to teaching lawyers about the business of running a law firm. All of our workshops go an inch wide & a mile deep into a different part of one of The 7 Main Parts of A Successful Business including marketing, sales, production, staffing, physical plant, financial controls & metrics and the mindset necessary to be the owner of a successful business. Some of these workshops are open to any lawyer who’d like to participate, but others, like our Live Quarterly Meetings, are only accessible to our Members.


You see, How To MANAGE a Small Law Firm is more than just a business. We are a community of Happy Lawyers, and it’s because of each one of them that we are an Inc. 5000 company today. We have cultivated this community to be only for lawyers who are motivated, entrepreneurial, ambitious, and who are willing to relentlessly expose and eliminate the excuses which hold them back.

Members of our community enjoy frequent interaction with other lawyers who are in a very similar stage of growth as you in the form of group calls, workshops and our live quarterly meetings. They have a relationship with an experienced CEO who has “been there, done that” and helped hundreds of lawyers succeed.


Our Members come to us from all walks of life. Some of them have already built highly successful law firms, and some of them are still finishing Law School! Whatever stage they’re in, if they run a single-shareholder law firm (or plan to) and are serious about growing their firm, making more money, and having fun in the process… our programs are meant to help them. We’ve worked with thousands of solo lawyers and we’ve identified the common patterns and the challenges that hold them back. And we’ve seen that these obstacles evolve as the firm grows. That’s why we’ve divided our programs based on the four distinct stages of law firm growth. Structuring our programs in this way allow us to provide each Member with resources and solutions for the specific problems that they are stuck on. And it allows us to surround each member with a community of like-minded solo lawyers who are struggling with (and overcoming!) the same challenges.

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