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HTM APP Listen Up!


If you like Piña Coladas & getting caught in the rain and want to have a kick-butt, profitable & fun-to-own solo or small law firm …then this app is for you!

You probably learned the same things in law school about how to manage a successful law firm of your own, as everyone else did: NADA!

Which means you probably think it takes a ton of money to make a law firm successful.  It doesn’t have to!

You probably think it takes years of “paying your dues” to reap the rewards of a highly successful law firm.  You probably think that running a law firm has to suck.  But you’d be wrong.  That’s GOOD news isn’t it?  How To Manage A Small Law Firm has HUNDREDS of happy and very successful solo & small law firm owners who make a GREAT living, have TONS of free time & VERY happy clients, too!


What if there was a whole bunch of “real world stuff” they didn’t tell you about in law school, or if they even breathed a word about how to manage a small law firm then most of what they told you was probably wrong?

Would you be willing to at least listen to a few hours of plain talk about the practical realities of what it takes to start and build a $250,000 law firm from nothing in only about 18 months?  How about getting a $250,000 “un-stuck” and growing it to $500,000 in only about 18 months?

What if there were hundreds of lawyers from all over the Country who were gladly investing tens-of-thousands of dollars to have access to some of the very same practical advice & step-by-step lessons you can listen to in your car for free today, and start making your law firm more profitable just as soon as you decide to take action on what you learn?

Would you make up a lame excuse and waste your time in the car next week listening to the so-called “news” which is mostly just a bunch of packaged crap designed to scare you and which you can’t do anything about anyway…or would you turn your car into a classroom and learn how to build a better law firm, and live a better life?


  • How To Market to get more and better clients…and keep the wrong clients away!
  • How to comfortably, ethically and profitably sell & convert prospective new clients (PNC’s) into happy, paying clients who be more cooperative and refer more business to you.
  • And as a bonus you’ll learn why and how the most successful small law firms employ non-attorney sales people (“Dragons”) with great results.

How to get more done in less time & make fewer apologies to your kids & your clients too.  This is possible when you learn how to systematize & organize the workflow in your law firm.

Betcha’ none of your law school professors lectured you about that.

Well, this ain’t no lecture!  This is practical, real-world, How-To, step-by-step, plain English instructions that you’d have to be TRYING to screw it up for it not to help you make your law firm more efficient. 

Plus, if you ever hope to build a highly effective and profitable staff you better learn how to systematize the workflow.

Learn when, why and how to hire, train, manage and make a profit with staff. Learn about how to anticipate the growth of your firm and what infrastructure you better have in place to keep the train from running out of track.  Did you hear even one word in law school about how to confidently control the finances of your law firm?  Probably not.  So how in the world do you ever expect to make your law firm into a profitable venture?  (rhetorical question).

Oh and here’s a fun fact that might make you curious about “why”?  A few dozen very successful lawyers actually COMPETED for the chance to tag all of this content to make it easier for you to find just what you’re looking for!

HTM APP Listen Up!

Plus so much more about the “lifestyle” of the successful solo/small law firm owner.  This could be the most valuable of all the lessons you’re going to keep missing out on until you download this app and start listening to the lessons.

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