How To Grow Your Firm Beyond $500,000 In Annual Revenue With A Profitable A-Team

When you’re on your journey to growing your small law firm, your staff might be the very best people that help you get S#!+ done everyday… Or, they suck your time out of you and leave you feeling like you’d rather do it all yourself. But, you know that you simply cannot do it all yourself. You also know that a lot of the time when your staff isn’t producing the results you expect, you are mostly to blame as the leader of your law firm.

As the leader of your team, you should be hiring, training, and developing only the best employees, and making them a profitable asset for your firm. How do you do this? Very simple.

Policies. Systems. And, PROCEDURES.

You must be documenting how the work in your law firm gets done, and then build systems and procedures for your staff to follow. Not doing this could result in your law firm running inefficiently, spending more time away from your family… or even worse, a malpractice claim or bar grievance!

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