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This page has two different resources to help you if your law firm has been adversely affected by a natural disaster:

  1.  Free downloads to help you with the various challenges we have helped many, many law firms recover from when hit with storms, floods, fires, etc. (see descriptions); and
  2.  A complimentary “Emergency” call with one of our experienced team members.  We presently manage more than 450 solo & small law firms all across the country.  Our combined total law firm management experience is MORE THAN 100 YEARS.  So there’s probably not much that could have happened with your law firm, office, staff, equipment, valuable papers, etc. that we haven’t seen and solved at least a few times before.  Seriously, you’re on this page because something bad has happened with your law firm. We are happy to help.  Schedule your call today.

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Included resources are:

  • Disaster Relief Guide
  • Contract Attorney Agreement (to help with your case load)
  • Short Term Work Space Agreement (To help you negotiate a temporary work space while your office is out of commission)
  • Disaster Letter to Clients
  • Plus More….


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