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Does your law firm gross at $20,000 dollars per month?

No matter if you’re just starting a law firm, or even if you’ve been at it a while, if the law firm you’ve created has still not yet achieved $20,000 of sustainable, predictable monthly revenues then you’re going to want to be sure that you didn’t (or don’t) inadvertently build any of these 6 most common, costly, frustrating, embarrassing and expensive mistakes into YOUR law practice.

A better law firm and a better life can be your reward for finding and fixing these problems. They act like anchors. Holding-back, so many otherwise-capable practitioners. And preventing you from enjoying a fully-successful law practice.

Please don’t let false pride, fear or hubris prevent you, from finding out if you’ve been struggling against these fixable mistakes for a little or a long time. You already know there’s a lot they didn’t teach any of us in law school, about the business of running a successful law firm. And you don’t want to wake-up years from now wishing you’d learned it all sooner.

Because there is a high cost for living short of one’s full potential.

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