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Exploring By Referral Only: Frequently Asked Questions


Q. Why do you work by referral only?

A. We didn’t always used to work by referral only. And we may not continue working by referral only. But as of today we have between a 3-9 month waiting list for our CEO, COO & CFO services. We have a much shorter waiting list for our very popular “Small Law Firm University”

Q. Why do you have a waiting list? Why not just expand capacity?

A. As you’ve been growing & scaling your own business you may have discovered or you soon will, that at different stages of growth you have to “shift gears”. Since 2010 we have grown How To Manage A Small Law Firm more than EIGHT THOUSAND PERCENT (8,000%). Gross revenues have grown from TWO HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS ($200,000) in 2010 to more than SEVENTEEN MILLION DOLLARS ($17,000,000) in 2020. Inc Magazine has recognized our growth by naming us to their annual list of the 5,000 Fastest Growing Privately Held Companies in the United States every year since 2015. And our Members had so much success in 2020 (yes, that 2020!) that our own business grew more than seventeen percent (17%). The point-being, we are in “gear shifting” mode right now and focused on improving internal parts of our business, instead of expanding capacity right now.

Q. Why do you call it a “Membership”?

A. It’s true that we provide fractional/time share CEO, COO & CFO services to more fast-growing, highly-profitable, and fun for the owners to run law firms than anyone else on the planet. But those are just some of the “technical” things we do. When your firm is being managed by How To Manage A Small Law Firm you’ll also be part of a very special community of highly-successful, open-minded, intellectually-generous and very, very supportive law firm entrepreneurs. That’s because success is not something you just do; it’s a way of life.

Q. Why do you have these rather unusual steps instead of just begging me for my business?

A. As we’ve said, we currently have a waiting list so we want to give priority attention to law firm owners and lawyers who are serious about building highly successful law firms. But it’s more than just that. We have created and we are very protective of the very special place we have created. Most of our members say this is the only place where they can unleash their inner entrepreneur. That it’s the only place where they can be around hundreds of other law firm owners who “get it” and celebrate them and their successes – financial, personal and professional.

Q. What exactly is the process of being accepted into How To Manage A Small Law Firm?

A. If you already know one of our Members you can ask him or her to make a referral for you. In case your friend or colleague isn’t quite sure how to do that please click HERE to learn more and share the link after you’ve asked, and after they’ve told you “This was the best decision I’ve made in my professional career”. Once we receive the introduction we’ll assign you to an advisor who will schedule a private call to ask you some follow up questions, answer a whole bunch of your likely questions and then if we believe we can help you too, we’ll invite you to participate in a 4 Week Virtual Bootcamp to help you (and to help us) be sure this really is likely to be the best decision you’ll probably ever make about the business of managing your law firm.

Q. What if I don’t already know a Member of How To Manage A Small Law Firm?

A. Good News! We have a number of Members who have volunteered to “pay it forward” by generously setting-aside a certain number of hours each month to speak with prospective new Members, share their own stories, answer your questions and just generally help you (and help us) decide if it’s likely we’re going to be a good fit for you.
Click HERE to be introduced to one of our Members so you can schedule your call to learn more.

Q. What if I want to have How To Manage A Small Law Firm step-in and serve as the CEO, COO &/or CFO of my law firm to support me as the President & Visionary of my business? How long will I have to wait? Will you be able to help me while I’m waiting?

A. Three years ago we sat down and made a plan for where & how we wanted to grow How To Manage A Small Law Firm from (then) ELEVEN MILLION DOLLARS $11,000,000 to (now) TWENTY MILLION DOLLARS ($20,000,000) and (projected) FIFTY MILLION DOLLARS ($50,000,000 – “run rate”) by Year End 2024. We had PLANNED to shift gears in 2022, but then March 2020 came-along and accelerated our plans. Fortunately we’d been working on an absolutely amazing program called The Small Law Firm University. It’s already helping more than 100 very happy law firm owners make great progress in terms of the financial, personal and professional performance of their firms for them.

But before we’ll even tell you that it can help you too, we’re going to ask you to participate in one of three different 5 Week Virtual Bootcamp programs. One is specifically geared to help owners of firms grossing LESS THAN $500,000 per year (about $125,000 last quarter); Another is designed to address the unique challenges and exciting opportunities of firms (and their owners) grossing between about $500,000- about $1,500,000. The third is for law firm owners whose firms are already grossing more than about $100,000 per month. This is part of why we want you to speak with someone from our team even after you speak with one of our Members – to help us determine which of the three different 5 Week Virtual Workshops is likely to be most relevant and helpful for you. Because gross revenue is only one of several factors you’ll learn to consider.

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