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Leadership and Planning

The Real Way to Quantum Leap Your Law Firm’s Growth

Most people think that a quantum leap is an INSTANT leap from one place to another or an INSTANT transition from one form or state of being to another. In reality, quantum law firm leaps are a product of

Leadership and Planning

The Causes of a Law Firm’s Success or Failure

Would you advise one of your own kids to skip school and just get a job because eventually they’ll figure it all out on their own? Of course you would never give anyone that advice. Then why haven’t YOU dropped-out of the school of hard knocks sooner?


4 Things You Do Every Day in Your Law Firm

There are 4 activities that every law firm — every business — devotes its time to on a daily basis. Only 2 of them drive you forward toward your goals. The other 2 hold you back to status quo. Do you know what they are? Do you know into which you are investing your effort?


Beware Your Negative Routines

We humans crave the sense of security and stability that comes with knowing where you’re supposed to be and when, and what’s going to happen when you get there. But are all routines positive?

Money and Metrics

DIVE into Massive Business Growth!

As I was preparing the boat for a busy week on the water, I got to thinking about SCUBA diving and realized there are a lot of similarities between SCUBA diving and running a business! Here are 4 ways that learning to SCUBA dive can help you dive into profitable change.


Are You Measuring The Wrong Thing?

What is your measure of success? Is it the amount of blood, sweat, and tears that you put into your business? Does “hard work” define success for you? Or is it actually the result of all that sweat equity that matters?


Stop Trading Your Time for Money!

There is a fundamental misunderstanding that lots of struggling law firm owners have, and it holds them back greatly. Here’s how to get out of that trap.

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