What Would You Want To Know
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Professional Services Business?

FOR TWO DAYS ONLY you have the opportunity to ask your MOST IMPORTANT QUESTIONS about how to start, market, manage and GROW your solo or small law firm and get almost-live answers from two people who know A LOT about some of the most successful solo & small law firms in the country “from the inside”.
  • Would you ask about how to improve the marketing of your law firm?
  • Would you ask a question about how to make it easier & more profitable to convert prospective new clients into happy new paying clients…even while you’re away from the office on vacation?
  • Would you ask about when, why and how to hire and lead a team of super-stars who make your business profitable and who you actually look forward to working with?
  • Would you ask about how to be sure your firm is actually profitable and what are the key numbers you should become familiar with if you want to break the 7 figure barrier, and keep-on going?
  • Or would you ask about the mindset of the multi—million-dollar, rags-to-riches entrepreneur so you can check your own mindset too and be sure you’re thinking about the right things, in the right way at the right time at each stage of growth in YOUR business?