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We’re Including a Special Invite to an Exclusive Conference Call with the Founder & CEO of How to Manage  a Small Law Firm, RJon Robins. RJon has personally helped hundreds of small law firm owners double the size of their firm financially and has helped dozens of small law firms owners grow their firm to a million dollar plus.

On this conference call, you will have the opportunity to discuss these strategies in detail and how they have worked for hundreds of other attorneys from in various fields of law.

The Conference Call will be scheduled for Friday Decemeber 1st, 2017. This should give you enough time to study the strategies within the workbook and decide which ones you would like to implement.

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Have You Ever Had a potential client with a legal matter that would be very lucrative to your firm, but that potential client had very little or no cash to pay for your fees? Instead of turning them away and losing out on a lucrative case, put these billing strategies in place to guarantee your fees are paid. This Kit Will Equip Your Firm with a dozen different billing strategies that you can offer your clients to make it more convenient and more comfortable for them to pay for your services.


  • More People You Could Help if you stopped turning clients away due to not being sure if they can pay you your fees.
  • More Profitable Your Firm Would Be if you increased the amount of clientele you get and had a way to ensure that you’re paid for all the hard work that you’ve completed.
  • More Relaxed and Less Stressed You Will Be at the end of the month when your AR balance  is 0, and it’s because you’ve collected on all invoices without any issues or sob stories on why it couldn’t be paid on time?

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