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Jennifer Gore-Cuthbert headshot

“March was an excellent month. April’s going to be an awesome month. We signed up for one of the largest cases in our firm’s history this month.”
– Jennifer Gore-Cuthbert, Member since 2017

Connie Kaplan headshot

“The shittiest month this year has felt better than the best months of last year and that seems to be a trend […] What other stories have I been telling myself about other areas of my life or my business telling myself “I can’t” where it’s just a story. And I need to fix that and see it differently and just get it done.”
– Connie Kaplan, Member since 2017

Jenny Bradley headshot

“We hired an intake person and started on Thursday, March 12th. And then the world kind of stopped and skipped for a beat. So we upped our marketing. We got her doing more follow up than we have been doing before. Um, got her doing a ton of gas calls, checking in on people, seeing how they were handling this, how they were handling now having their kids own for extended periods of time. Um, revenue wise, March through July of last year, we were at, $410,000. This year, same period of time, $554,000. Like a 35% increase.
And now I say I have a business because I took a vacation in July in the middle of the pandemic, emergency access only. Only eight days. Wasn’t comfortable trying to full month or anything crazy like that out of the bat, but nothing broke. Nothing like had to be fixed while I was gone, nobody had to contact me. And it wasn’t that they were scared to. Really, they didn’t need me. That’s a business. That’s not a law firm. That’s not a practice.”

– Jenny Bradley, Member since 2016

Sean Johnson headshot

“So we ended up hiring a new attorney during this [pandemic] to deal with the family law. As far as financially, we did $130,000 in March, which is our best month ever. We’ve done just right around $300,000 [for] the first quarter this year.”
– Sean Johnson, Member since 2018

“My success story is that we got our best quarter ever from January through March. $245,000. It feels pretty good!”
– Alan Ray San Miguel, Member since 2018

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