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Our system for managing a small law firm is proven to work with a long and understandable track record of success. However, much of it is counter-intuitive and contrary to “conventional wisdom”. After all, if you want to get conventional results all you have to do is follow conventional wisdom. But you’re not reading this right now because you want to keep settling for conventional results.

Not everyone is ready to leave conventions behind and write a brand new story for themselves. Not everyone is prepared to take the heat when their decision to break from the pack and leave convention behind draws strange looks, criticism and “back handed” compliments from friends, family and colleagues who don’t yet (and who many never) understand.

hit the target

1. What are the top three material changes you would make in your life if the revenues of your business were to double in the next 24 months (without you having to work any harder)?

2. What are the top three questions/comments/sarcastic remarks, etc. from friends, family and colleagues that you can reasonably anticipate having to field a.) during; and b.) after the transformation?

3. How will you feel about not being able to fully explain your new way of doing things to friends, family and colleagues especially at the beginning of the process when you’re just beginning to understand it yourself?