Our programs are TRANSFORMATIONAL for solo lawyers who are serious about earning more than a million dollars annually and having fun while they do it.

But you don’t have to take our word for it. Below is a sampling of what members and participants have to say:

“I found How To Manage A Small Law Firm CLE and it took me a while to hire them. I cannot express enough how fantastic the program is. It has saved me a large amount of money not having to reinvent the wheel to run my business and I highly recommend it.”

Dan Reynolds

“I hired How to Manage a small law firm because I was at a rock bottom, miserable, working late nights, going broke and feeling like a failure. Within a month, my life had changed so much for the better, feeling happy. I have now a paralegal, an associate, an assistant, a receptionist, I work less. My practice has tripled. I’m exited about the future and I have a plan.”

Catherine Cavella –  button_start_now

“I found How To Manage A Small Law Firm through a CLE event in Atlanta, which I was not able to attend, but by scheduling a time to talk on the website I made the decision to hire them. I was on a revenue decline with my business but, thanks to the program, I was able to significantly increase my revenue and continue to increase every year since.”

Eric Broel – 

“I discovered How To Manage A Small Law Firm through a friend who had hired them and gave me some materials. I did my own investigation and saw that this is something that I would be interested in. I hired them because they showed me that I had the capability of doing more than what I thought I had the capability of doing. At first I thought the program was expensive, but it is an investment in your future and it is nothing compared to the money you can make from the return you will get.”

Pam Thompson –  button_start_now

“Thanks to the Creating a Successful Law Practice Program, in the last 90 days I doubled the size of my firm, expanded into a second office and had the best revenues of the year. The amount of change is night and day where I was just 90 days ago. I’m very happy with the exponential growth we are experiencing.”

Otis Landerholm – 

“I discovered How to Manage a Small Law Firm through a CLE workshop. I hired them because my practice was failing, I didn’t have direction, didn’t know where to go, didn’t make enough money to make it worthwhile going into the office every day. Now, my business is sustainable. I quadrupled my income. I can thrive now, at home and in my practice.”

Peter Shelton –  button_start_now

“I just graduated from the How to Start a Successful Law Firm Program 1 year ago. Now I am happy, I make money at my law firm, I get time off, I am not stressed out and even my marriage is better. This program was the best decision I have made as a lawyer. My clients are happier and I now do a much better job as a lawyer thanks to it.”

Dana Palmer – 

“I discovered How To Manage A Small Law Firm on the internet. It was the best thing that happened to our business. We were a young law firm and inexperienced, and we knew we needed guidance. That is why we hired How To Manage A Small Law Firm. Now we have tripled our practice since we started this program, and it has totally changed our lives.”

Cary David –  button_start_now