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"How To Spot If you are Making any of The Top 5 Management Mistakes That Suppress Profits In a Small Law Firm"

What Stage is Your Law Firm In?

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Happy lawyers make more money. And broke lawyers don’t do anyone any good…least of all their clients, their family or themselves.

We are the leading, largest, biggest and best provider of outside Managing Partner, Chief Operating Officer (COO) and Chief Financial Officer (CFO) services exclusively for the solo and small law firm (single-shareholder) market.

Whether you’re just starting out, earning seven figures already with your own law firm, or somewhere in between…If you run a solo law firm and you are SERIOUS about GROWING YOUR FIRM, MAKING MORE MONEY, AND HAVING MORE FUN IN THE PROCESS, then you’ve come to the right place. We’ve worked with thousands of solo lawyers just like you. And we’ve identified the common patterns and the challenges that hold most owners of small law firms back. And we’ve seen that these obstacles evolve as the firms grow.

That is why we’ve divided our program based on the four distinct “Stages” of law firm growth – so we can give you what you know you need now and what we know you’re going to need next as your firm grows. Click here to learn more.

If you’ll let us to brag for a moment, we’re pretty damn good at this. Don’t take our word for it – see what our clients have to say.

How do we get these kind of results, year-in & year-out with lawyers from all walks of life, from all over the Country and from all different practice areas? We’re NOT consultants. We’re NOT educators. We’re NOT coaches. We function as the managing partner for your law firm!

Think about it. You know that the most successful big law firms all have a dedicated managing partner. But you probably never learned what it IS that the best managing partners actually DO for the multi-million-dollar law firms they work for. No surprise, how many courses were ever offered to you in law school or by your bar association about the BUSINESS of how to manage a law firm. (rhetorical question).

…and that’s exactly WHY so many otherwise great lawyers will never actually be able to let their firm grow to 7 figures. Because it is virtually impossible for the owner of a law firm to be his or her OWN managing partner.

“A lawyer who represents himself has a fool for a client”.
~ Abraham Lincoln, Attorney at Law.

Our members experience transformation growth. But we can’t take all of the credit for the massive success of our clients. What REALLY makes our programs so effective, is the caliber of the community we’ve put together and work very hard to protect. We are very protective of our Members. As a member, you’ll be surrounded by solo & single-shareholder small law firm owners just like you – motivated, entrepreneurial, smart, and ambitious. And thanks to our strictly enforced “NO ASSHOLES” policy, there’s a good chance that you’ll actually LIKE them…ALOT!

Iron sharpens iron, and joining this inspiring community will be among the best career decisions you’ve ever made. Click here to learn more about about the How to MANAGE a Small Law Firm community.

If you think all of this seems pretty great, you’re going to LOVE what else we have in store for you. Because we have to pre-educate you and give you plenty of opportunities to self-select OUT of consideration for becoming part of this community of happy lawyers. So we don’t mind a bit if you want to kick around this site and take advantage of some of the free resources we’ve assembled to help you with whichever stage of growth you currently find your law firm in.

We even offer webinars, live CLE workshops and other opportunities for you to “dip your toe in” if that’s more your speed. Click HERE to schedule a call to learn more about our community.


See what our members and community have to say:

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