RJon Robins, founder of How to Manage A Small Law Firm was asked by his team to create a brand new training that cut through the B.S. and got right to the heart of what helped him create his own multi-million dollar company, and what has helped hundreds of his clients do the same.

But…RJon really wanted to spend the day on his boat.

And since he’s a problem-solver and opportunity spotter, he decided to shoot this entire series for you over the course of a day out on the water.

And if you watch, you’ll see how that choice was brilliantly intentional. You’ll connect the dots and understand how the backdrop for this training is PART of the training.

And most importantly, you’ll walk away with a clear understanding of what the 7 Main parts of your law firm are, how to maximize the profit potential of each of them as well as crucial success indicators such as:

Why (and how) some law firm owners are able to keep their calendars full of qualified leads while others are living paycheck to paycheck, case to case. (It’s PART ONE of the 7 Main parts of a successful law firm and a lesson in what my boat’s fuel tank has to do with you ) And also the “magic marketing statement” that keeps your pipeline full of leads!

The systems that scale your business and exactly who and what to put in place to free up your own time and start being the boss instead of the slave. Plus the “false capital” rookie mistake that sabotages your revenue.

How to massively increase your sales conversions —-

Profit probability metrics that are the only data you need to keep track of to manage your firm’s financial health. Everything else is just a B.S.

The critical difference between running a firm and running a business and how your understanding of that difference can no…WILL…be the shift that doubles your revenue in 18 months or less.

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