At around the same time you chose NOT to continue with us, an inspired group of law firm owners said “yes.”

And here’s what happened.

Shannon Englert passed the $1M revenue mark earlier this month! That’s 3.6x what she did in Q1 2022!

Paul Yokabitus, EP firm in Cary NC, set new records for his firm with $900k in revenue in Q1 2023. That’s +50% growth vs Q1 2022. In addition to his brick-and-mortar firm, Paul just launched a digital EP business to serve the rest of the state. If the early success is any indication, this could also be a $1M business by year end 2023.

Todd Wesche reported record revenue in Jan 2023 of approximately $110k. Todd shared today when he joined HTM in 2021 revenues were $360k for the full year and not quite one year later he’s looking at a projected revenue for 2023 of $1.2MM.  Todd has an amazing business plan to continue to grow the number of vet’s lives he’s touching.   

I’m not sharing this with you to make you feel bad, but to show you what’s possible.

All of these people had fears. All of them had doubts. All of them were afraid to invest in the growth of their business. But they pushed through that, took action, and are very glad they did.
And they aren’t the only ones.

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