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We don’t decide to become entrepreneurs because someone gives us a special badge to wear.

We become entrepreneurs because we value FREEDOM.

And for most of us, freedom means building an extraordinary life of joy and abundance for our loved ones.

Our members experience phenomenal growth. They double and triple their revenue on average in 12-18 months. They hit numbers in their first quarter that are higher than their entire previous year.

And yet, when we ask them what they are happiest about, none of them talk about money. They talk about the vacation they were able to take with their family.

They talk about being able to take their kids out of a crappy school and put them in a good one.

They talk about being able to take a full maternity leave with total peace of mind.

They share their joy in being able to take care of elderly parents.

They confide that systematizing the law firm and freeing up their time saved their marriage.

They talk about the fact that the growth of their firm changed their personal lives in ways they could never have imagined.

Success… TRUE success isn’t just about the money. The money is just what funds the things that really matter most.

Watch this video and then be sure to grab your copy of the Manifesto. The manifesto is how they all started to make the shift from struggling lawyer to successful law firm owner, to happy and fulfilled human being!

The Manifesto: Statement of Values

The HTM Manifesto is a bound booklet explaining the values and principles that have been responsible for millions of dollars in growth for thousands of law firm owners all over the country.
It is the sacred text that acts as the foundation of the very “bubble” that will help YOU manifest your goals and change your life.

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