You are registered for “Building Your Business From Stage” in Miami, FL Sept 26-28, 2016.

Below are some tips to help you prepare.


We do NOT expect you to show up with a presentation.
We expect most of the participants have no idea how to put together a presentation that really sells. We are starting from scratch.

The only things you need to show up with are:
1.) An appetite to learn and improve;
2.) Your best wardrobe. One of the things we’re going to take a look at and offer feedback about, is how you present YOURSELF not just your spoken message.

We also suggest bring an audio and/or video recorder so you can record your presentation and feedback.


Ritz Carlton Coconut Grove
3300 SW 27th Ave
Miami, FL 3313

Sept 26  – Start at 9am
Sept 28 –  End at 6pm
*Plan to be busy the whole time, we will have late nights


Group rate: $189/night
Cut off date: September 9, 2016 *rooms may sell out before the cut-off date
To reserve:  Room Block Link

Workshop Schedule

  • September 26th 9-6PM
  • September 26th 9-6PM
  • September 26th 9-6PM

Payment Schedule

  • Total of $4500
  • Today Deposit %50
  • September 16th Final %50

Signing up for the Selling From The Stage Workshop is a big move in your professional development journey. We promise to deliver a comprehensive training program that hones the most powerful message for your law practice, and teaches you to convey it with the utmost confidence.

Understanding what resonates with and motivates your ideal potential clients to choose you over another law firm is a skill that will pay off tenfold. When you develop presenter’s confidence, you’ll finally feel like you’re promoting your law firm the way you should have been all along.

Together we will break through the barriers of public speaking, crafting a succinct message, and delivering with confidence.

Then you’ll be prepped and ready to take on speaking at local bar associations, hosting events to promote your services and talking to potential referral partners. All of those efforts will also be much more successful, once you’ve planned and practiced in advance.

The more you spread the word about your business, the sooner you’ll see return. Remember that one person will tell ten people on average about a positive or valuable experience. So, when you think about the magnified impact that word of mouth from a presentation or speaking engagement can have for your firm in new clients or referrals… the numbers are staggering.

Our members cite fear, and trepidation leading up to this course. That their fear of public speaking or tendency to be introverted has kept them from getting out in front of an audience. But after attending our program how their feelings of fear and anxiety have been turned into excitement over the money their firm has made due to these new marketing efforts.

Become a leader in your local community, shout the praises of your law firm from the mountaintops, and make it known why you are the idea choice for every potential client out there.

From the entire How to Manage a Small Law Firm Team, we’re excited to see you soon!

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