Our programs are TRANSFORMATIONAL for solo lawyers who are serious about earning more than a million dollars annually and having fun while they do it.

But you don’t have to take our word for it. Below is a sampling of what members and participants have to say:

“How to Manage is just a whole other level. We learn the best practices from some of the best minds around in the country. Not only fellow lawyers but people that are really entrepreneurial in their spirit, they’re very giving. It’s just a great community. I can’t recommend it enough to all the lawyers out there who really want to make something of their business.”

Todd Villarrubia

“it’s just a bad ass program that has helped me really elevate and get my business to the next level. Basically we meet at some random state somewhere in the United States and we sit down in a conference room that’s air conditioned and we get all this food and all we do is talk about how we’re going to run our business for the next 90 days and the three main things that need to happen in order to elevate your business.”

Givelle Lamano –  button_start_now

” I wish I had found out about this a long time ago and really excited to take part in the vast amount of knowledge that these people have in how to build a small law firm.”

Jeff Dickstein – 

“I joined How to Manage a Small Law Firm in the last 90 days and I saw within 8 weeks a 50 percent increase in my monthly income and I expect to sustain that and increase even more. Before I joined I was burning out. I didn’t even really realize I was burning out. I almost didn’t come to the meeting three months ago. I just went even though I was crazy busy. I’m so glad I did. I accelerated the income that I could make immediately instead of waiting and I’m never going to look back.”

Sarah Poriss –  button_start_now

“I met RJon and Chris at a CLE in Tacoma, Washington. I was really impressed with RJon’s presentation and the seven parts of a business. The details he went into especially with your finances and metrics and how to keep track of those. I had seen some other programs and it was all about feeling good and not very detailed as far as exactly “this is what you need to do.” I just finished my second year of my law firm and I almost tripled the amount of my gross revenues for my first year. So I would really recommend this program to anyone whose thinking about it.”

Bob Boeshaar – 

“I discovered How to Manage a Small Law Firm through a CLE workshop. I hired them because my practice was failing, I didn’t have direction, didn’t know where to go, didn’t make enough money to make it worthwhile going into the office every day. Now, my business is sustainable. I quadrupled my income. I can thrive now, at home and in my practice.”

Peter Shelton –  button_start_now

“I came to the seminar How to Run a Small Business and I think it was great. It gave me ideas I never thought of, it made me think in a way that I never thought of before. It’s too bad you guys missed it but it really was great. Got on a plane came down to Florida, I packed it all up and came here. Your loss if you didn’t come rethink it next time.”

Lorraine Gauli-Rufo –  button_start_now

“I got a chance to come to the orientation today. I realized I’m probably undervaluing myself, not a good moment but a good to know what I’m supposed to do on Monday. I’ve already set up a few meetings while I’m here, made a few phone calls because starting Monday I need to make more money and plan to. It’s a good group of people and I look forward to growing my business and having a happier life”

Marcus Stevenson –