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Jeremy Hugus started his PI & criminal defense firm out of his bedroom in Wyoming. Fastword 3 years since joining How To Manage A Small Law Firm, and his firm has grown exponentially! Jeremy is committed to growing his firm and making it better every day – not just for him, but also for his family. And, we’re proud to be there every step of the way as his fractional CEO, to help him manage his law firm.

About Jeremy Hugus, Esq.

I have lived with the pain of bodily injuries caused by someone else. It feels confusing, scary, and frustrating. We listen well to our clients, help them regain their voice, and fight big insurance to maximize their recovery and keep them from getting screwed. We are a personal injury and criminal defense law firm fighting everyday to help the inured and accused recover financial security and peace of mind through upfront relationships and downstream results. We fight insurance companies to recover maximum financial security and peace of mind for those injured by car and trucking accidents, workplace and oil field accidents, wrongful death, slip and fall, nursing home neglect, faulty medical devices, and medical malpractice. We also fight the government to defend and protect the rights of those accused of felonies and misdemeanors, including DWUIs, violent crimes, drug-related charges. All of these tragic experiences create physical pain and suffering, lost income, medical bills, jail time, and many other unwelcome hardships. If you have faced these difficulties you may also feel scared, angry, or confused. You may also feel overwhelmed or frustrated by the legal process and the chore of finding the best attorney for your specific case. The good news is, you don’t have to deal with this stress alone. You need a law firm that can eliminate your stress and help you recover your peace of mind. You need a better kind of personal injury law firm. We are that firm. We can help. We know what it feels like to be robbed of your financial security and peace of mind. We have helped many others just like you navigate these often scary and frustrating waters and have recovered financial security and peace of mind for them. Let us do the same for you.

Visit his website: http://www.platteriverlaw.com/

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