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Holly Moore is on a mission to build a 7 figure law firm. When her family law practice in California was consistently bringing in $400-500K in annual revenues, Holly thought she didn’t actually need to build a bigger law firm. After joining HTM, she’s realized a million dollar law firm is completely within her reach, and her family will be the ones to reap all the benefits.

About Holly Moore, Esq.

In her own words – “My Law Practice is focused exclusively on divorce, child custody, paternity actions, modifications of child support, spousal support, property division, domestic violence and all other isues that fall under the “umbrella” of Family Law. My passion is my clients. I recognize that while people are going through situations dealing with the breakdown of a marriage or how best to share their children, it is an incredibly challenging and heartbreaking time. It is also very nerve-wracking to have the future of your children, and/or security (financial or otherwise) be unknown or be in the hands of a Judge. There are many family law lawyers out there that know the law and can apply it, however I believe family law litigants need more. They not only need a skilled legal professional, they also need someone who will listen to them and their concerns and fears and take it to heart. Instead of dismissing the clients’ fears because they are irrelevant to the law, I believe a family law attorney should empathize with their client and put 100% of their mind AND heart into the case. I strive everyday to be this kind of Lawyer.”

Visit her website: http://www.hollymoorelaw.com/

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