The answer may surprise you.

Speaking engagements, and everyday networking are two of the most powerful ways to spread the word about your law firm. However, only when delivered in a trained and strategic manner.

‘Selling from the Stage’ is a rainmaking tool that the most powerful law firms use to proliferate their market, generate referrals, and market their firm with ten times the reach of their competitors. But honing these skills isn’t the easiest task. Public speaking is scary, finding the right opportunities to present can be challenging… actually that’s the easy part.

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What legal services do you provide, and why should I choose you as my attorney?

If you are not able to answer that question nearly instantaneously, in an articulate and persuasive fashion. We’re in trouble.

You need an elevator pitch. And then you need to be a rock star at delivering it.

Humans are creatures of habit, and unless something unusual, exciting, or aligned with a need presents itself, we don’t pay attention. Most glaze over the information and move along to the next person at the party.

And, the reality is that every single person you meet could become a client, or knows someone else who would.

Which means the importance of developing business development, or rainmaking skills such as speaking, delivering an elevator pitch, and presenting to an audience of potential clients is critical to your breakthrough success as an attorney.

The “Selling From The Stage Workshop” breaks down the most important elements of a good sales pitch, elevator speech, or presentation to potential clients.

Teaching you how to promote your law practice with confidence and a certain swagger that makes the difference between meeting a potential client, or just meeting another random stranger.

Success depends on your ability to communicate your value with presence, polish and passion.



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What is the one thing you remember most about a business?

Dennis Cummins, RJon Robins and the How to Manage a Small Law Firm team have spent years perfecting a system to find the magic words that make up an elevator pitch, or presentation for lawyers in nearly every area of law. Augmented by a comprehensive coaching and training program so that you feel confident and empowered whether you are at a backyard barbeque or behind a podium at the bar association.

Take advantage of this chance to rapidly accelerate the growth of your career, law practice, and bank account. Selling from the Stage is a skill you will never regret learning, and can be transferred to so many other areas of your life.


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Seth Godin

About Our Hosts

Dr. Dennis Cummins is an internationally acclaimed speaker, trainer, and coach. His quick-witted, straight-talking, no-nonsense style offers an entertaining dose of reality with heart.

Despite his usually cheerful disposition, he has not been immune to dealing with his own personal and professional difficulties. However, he has realized that with any challenge, it’s not what happens to you in life, but rather the attitude you take and how you respond to it.

After graduating from New York Chiropractic College in 1992, he operated two successful practices on Long Island and until retiring in 2015.

He credits his success to his authentic communication style, the ability to create winning teams, and his knack for finding the positive in any situation.

His first book Turning Terrible into Terrific became a #1 Bestseller in July 2014.

He currently travels and speaks internationally in the fields of Overcoming Adversity, Creating Positive Outcomes in any situation, Communication, and Leadership.

In 2015 How To MANAGE a Small Law Firm, the national outside managing partner services company RJon Robins founded, was named by Inc Magazine as one of the 5,000 fastest growing privately held companies in the Country. Fastest in the category of helping solo & small law firm owners kick-butt and build better law firms that afford them more financial resources and freedom of time to help more clients and have a life.

But In 2008 RJon Robins lost his home to foreclosure. Which is pretty ironic because for 8 years previous, he’d made quite a great name for himself as one of the most trusted resources in the

Country, who thousands of lawyers turned to for help whenever they needed clarity about how to grow and manage their solo & small law firms. RJon first achieved notoriety after struggling with his own solo law firm which he (rather naively) went into it without a written business plan, with no written marketing plan, no written processes or procedures, no job descriptions for staff who ate him out of house & home and no financial controls to see what was happening before it was too late.

The notoriety didn’t come from the failure of RJon’s law firm to serve his financial, personal and/or professional hopes, dreams or aspirations. That alone would have hardly distinguished him from about half a million other struggling solo lawyers from all walks of life who tilt at windmills all day long (without anyone to be managing partner) in every area of practice, all around the Country.

What brought the notoriety was a stroke of luck. RJon was in the right place at the right time and happened to say just the right thing, to just the right person. That lead to RJon learning how to turn his struggling law firm around and then on the strength of that, he was recruited by The Florida Bar’s legendary J.R. Phelps of the world-famous Law Office Management Assistance Service (LOMAS). RJon then invested the next four years of his career learning from the best (and from some of the worst) about what it takes to start, grow, save and salvage and run a perfectly good law firm into the ground. He also learned quite a bit about how do do things the right way and used these skills, experiences and profound insights to help thousands of lawyers build better lives by helping them build better law firms. As as the only lawyers in the history of The Florida Bar to serve as a full time Small Law Practice Management Advisor, RJon spent the years between 1999-2001 working with what The Florida Bar estimates was more than 9,000 solo & small law firm owners, helping some of them to start and build highly-successful law firms that run like real businesses; and helping others to save, salvage and avert total disaster when the long term effects of running their law firm like a noble hobby finally hit home with a big, loud “splotch”.

Nowadays when he’s not conducting CLE workshops around the Country on behalf of some of the biggest names in the legal industry (LexisNexis, Microsoft, Law Pay, Ruby Receptionists and dozens and dozens and dozens of bar associations, but who’s counting) RJon is attending to his duties as CEO of the leading provider of outside managing partner, outside COO and outside CFO services exclusively for solo & small law firms nationwide, or he’s out practicing what he preaches about letting your business give you a life instead of the other way around.

Oh yeah, and RJon is a Member of The Florida Bar, he’s still authorized to appear before the Southern District Federal Court. He’s a member of The Association of Certified Fraud Examiners. RJon earned an interdisciplinary degree from The American University in Washington, DC (Communications, Law, Economics & Government), he graduated from Nova Southeastern College of Law and he doesn’t eat ice cream every day but when he does, RJon prefers butter pecan.

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