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Renee Roberston

Renee Roberston

Member Services

Renee Robertson has an extensive background in providing concierge style membership services and can’t wait to start you on your journey. Renee will help you set your goals, answer your questions & get you on the path to hyper growth.

Thank you for agreeing to help me with this scary-ass project I’ve committed myself to, for reinventing and improving my business, and my life.

arrow  This is a photo of Renee Robertson. Renee’s job is mostly to help me reinvent and improve many of the “Member Facing” processes & procedures in our firm.

arrow  Please select below the most convenient date and time for Renee to give you a call to get your feedback about three points. And anything else you think it’s important that we know about so we can improve How to Manage a Small Law Firm.


What parts of your experience with our firm produced the MOST value for your business and/or your life;

What parts of your experience with our firm produced the least value/most headaches;

If you could wave a magic wand, what would you want us to do different to help you run your law firm more profitably, with more predictability and/or any other goals you had or have for your business and your life.

arrow2…and of course anything else you think we should consider.

During your call with Renee please feel free to tell her anything. Because if we don’t know about it, we can’t improve upon it. Please also feel free to ask her anything you like about ways to improve the processes and procedures of your own business. She’s really quite brilliant about this sort of thing. That’s why we hired her!

And last but not least, Renee will have details about dates for upcoming Live Quarterly Meetings. She’ll also have about 10 tickets for each LQM to share with you as our way to demonstrate our appreciation for taking the time to help improve our business and the lives of me and everyone else who depends on this firm to be the best business it can be!



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If so, schedule a complimentary Q & A call with our team. No strings attached!

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