Sanity 101 Workshop

January 4-6, 2019 in Austin, TX

We’re revealing the KEY Policies And Procedures every solo or small law firm owner NEEDS TO KNOW, so they can break away from having to do everything themselves, and be at the office every day! Each of the Key Policies and Procedures discussed in this webinar will help you:
  • MAKE MORE MONEY by running your law firm more efficiently.
  • HAVE MORE FREE TIME by documenting routine procedures so someone else can do them.
  • HAVE MORE PREDICTABILITY because you will define what needs to get done, by when, and by who, in your law firm.

Sanity 101 Workshop (Jan 4-6, 2019): This workshop is four days of “feet to the fire” to really nail down the 12 key administrative external policies, the 12 key administrative internal policies and the 24 key administrative procedures.

Law Firms that operate with set policies and procedures are FAR MORE EFFICIENT & PROFITABLE than law firms being run without them!

Law Firm Policies and Procedures book cover

In 4 days you walk out with
over 60 policies and procedures
in a minimum of a 1st draft format.
This normally takes 18 months!!

What’s It Worth To YOU?

The TRUE VALUE of Policies and Procedures

  • 3 hours of your day WASTED on interruptions, unscheduled phone calls, mail, looking for files, and dealing with “emergencies!”
  • 3 hours of YOUR PRECIOUS TIME at $250/hr, That’s
    • $750 a day!
    • $ 3,225 a month!
    • $9,675 per quarter! (That’s almost $10k!)
    • $38,700 per year!


Tickets are on sale for one-time payment of $3,500
or two payments of $1,925*  As with all of our events,
you are going to learn much more than paid for.

* Two payment option includes a finance charge

During this Workshop we create and review each of your policies & procedures to ensure maximum  productivity within your law firm which will GROW Your Profitability 

Along the way we have a lot of fun with various activities and demonstrations.



Sign up today so you don’t miss your Pre-Event Bonus calls!

What’s going to be covered on the pre-event calls? Both of these calls are designed to help you 1.) Get prepared for the workshop, and gather all of the materials you need to ensure it’s a profitable experience for you and your firm. 2.) Start earning your workshop fee back and then some by implementing the systems you’ll learn on the calls!

Make sure to sign up for the workshop before calls take place. Each call will take place on:

December 20th, 2018 

December 27th, 2018

You’ll want to be sure you attend BOTH calls, not just one or the other, as the content presented on each of these calls will be different and worth at least $497 each!



Jan. 4 – 6, 2019




Austin, TX


Laptop/Tablets and Your Firm’s Policies, Systems, and Procedures

By the time you’re done, you will have also received a ton
of extra bonus policies and procedures.


To get the most out of your time, our team will arrange for lodging accommodations at the event venue (or nearby) to be made available at a discounted rate.

Hotel details will be announced soon.

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