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Who Are Living Their Best Lives Helping Others Live Theirs!

We help our members achieve their most ambitious business plans, solve their biggest challenges, and harness their successes to leave our planet a little better than we found it. Think you can help us build a rewarding career and a better future for all?




An advantageous gain or return; benefit.

Our goal is to be the most profitable professional relationship that our team members have in their lives.

We measure “profitable” in many ways including, but not limited to, personal, financial and professional growth.

We believe our team members should be better off as a whole because of their work with us, and because of the growth opportunities that we provide for them.

You should have the confidence that the advice, counsel, accountability, tools, and other resources we provide will help you make materially better choices about your life and career which are consistent with your values and priorities and move you closer to your long-term personal and professional goals.

The reality is that many companies hire you in the hopes that you never outgrow the position for which you were hired.

Not Here.

We encourage you to grow.

What’s the point of working for a company that isn’t invested in you? Why give hours of your life to a company that wants to keep you small?

We’re not only rooting for you, we’ll help you figure out how to make your highest goals a reality!

We may challenge you. We may push you. We will for sure hold you to a high standard.

We believe in championing your full potential.

Because when

you win,
we win.

We’ve been voted “Best Place to Work” by Inc. Magazine, so obviously, the values we uphold and the culture we provide has made a tremendously positive impact on our employees’ lives. 

If you know you’re a rock star…

If conventional environments bore you to tears…

If you’re ready to be surrounded by winners who consistently win…

If you’re not afraid to meet the highest version of yourself and expand your capacity for greatness…

We want to meet you.

And you’ll probably want to meet us too.


If you pay attention and take advantage of the opportunities here, you’ll find that everything we do to help our members grow can help YOU grow too!

“The personal side and professional kind of gel… what we’re actually doing with the members is something I can do with myself.”
-Jason Plumer


HTM is for people who don’t fit in. We don’t hesitate to go beyond the usual limits of conventional thought. We break the rules. And it works. We are rebels WITH a cause!

“I’m living my life to its outermost edges… I continue to be surprised week after week.”


Every individual on our team is 100% committed to taking personal responsibility for their lives. No victims here. No BS excuses allowed!

“I am a much different person now…and I know that 5 years from now I’ll be even better.”
-Jessica Douglas


And we stand against self-limiting beliefs, fears and unexamined rules that hold you back from becoming the highest version of yourself.

“It’s afforded me the ability to be myself, grow, challenge myself…and bring my personality to the table.”
-Stephanie Luongo


Pants and Shoes Optional...

Arizona Arizona
British Columbia (Canada)
North Carolina
New Jersey
New York

Pants and Shoes Optional...

If you live in one of the highlighted areas on this map, you are eligible for employment with HTM. Many of our positions are fully remote, allowing our employees to enjoy the freedom of working from just about anywhere that has a solid internet connection. Whether that’s your kitchen, your boat, or a treehouse in Bali, we trust that our team members have the drive to show up and succeed no matter where they are.

What do we offer?


Our benefits package was carefully designed to meet the needs that are most important to our employees and their families.

Our Healthcare packages and PTO policy are unmatched in this industry. Here is the “I can’t believe how good this is” benefit list at a glance:

Health Insurance

check HTM pays 75% of your health insurance costs and offers different levels of coverage that will fit your personal healthcare needs (p.s. We even contribute to your HSA should you choose the HDHP!) We also offer all the additional insurances such as dental and vision.

Life and Supplemental Insurance

check HTM pays the premiums for all of our team members to have Life Insurance and to be covered under Short and Long-Term Disability. In addition to paying the premiums, we will even keep you whole should you need to take a Short-Term qualified leave, (meaning we’ll cover the difference in your pay so that you don’t take a loss if life throws you a curve ball.)

Paid Time Off

check HTM believes in a PTO policy that allows you to do your best work while living your best life. We fully support our employees taking time off when they want to without panicking about how many hours of PTO they have left for the year. We promote abundance over scarcity and as long as deadlines are met, by all means, be human and take time off when you need to.

Personal Goals

check HTM wants to help you reach your BIG HAIRY AUDACIOUS GOAL! We encourage our team members to have a BHAG that excites and inspires them. Our commitment is to help you identify it and work toward it so that you can reach your BHAG faster than you ever thought possible!

Personal Development

check HTM believes in offering unlimited opportunities for personal development. That’s why every one of our employees are invited to attend the workshops we offer our clients at no cost. You throw some skin in the game and cover your own travel costs, and we’ll give you PTO and admission to the workshops, which, by the way, are worth THOUSANDS of dollars.

our founder’s story

Read our founder’s story and how he adopted the mantra of “take all your excuses and shove them up your ass” to change his life, transform his financial circumstances and build an 8-figure firm

our TEams

From Engineering to Employee Success, we support each other, develop great leaders, and encourage everyone to be themselves at work.

our manifesto

Read our Manifesto! This book, written by our founder RJon Robins is an in-depth look at how we think, work, serve, and grow.