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Each episode features a real lawyer, who will share a real-world challenge they were having with the management of their business and the real world solution that made all the difference.   What sense does it make to learn from your own mistakes when you can learn from theirs?

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This is NOT a presentation all fluffed up with lawyers’ credentials, and there’s no sales pitch at any point of the series. You’re only going to hear RJon Robins, who has 20+ years of law firm management experience (plus the knowledge that comes from running his own $10M business), interviewing some of the most entrepreneurial and successful solos in the country – and he’s going to be asking the questions that will uncover the good, bad, and the ugly parts of law firm management… 

Learn exactly how these lawyers are getting real results by implementing real-world solutions that transformed some very real-life challenges into unexpected opportunities.   Just think, you could be struggling with one of these challenges with your own law firm and it could actually be a great opportunity for you.  But you might not know, if you don’t listen and learn from these courageous lawyers who were nice enough to come onto the show and “pay it forward”.

Every single lawyer you’ll hear from on this series is coming to the interview with a real-life challenge they’ve had in their firm and you’ll hear them talk it all through including (and especially) how they solved the problem! 

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Learn How Hundreds of Solos are Running Better Law Firms

Sign up for the free series and hear directly from real solo lawyers who are solving the real-life challenges that come with owning a small law firm.


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