Believe it or not, there is such a thing as too much planning and lawyers often fall into this trap. After all part of our training is to weigh every option and dissect the details of every possible outcome.

That’s good practice when you’re on a case, but when it comes to your business, that kind of painstaking analysis can keep you stuck and small.

Listen in to the latest episode and hear how Probate attorney Justin Stivers found himself eager to start his own firm, but hesitant to make the bold changes that such a move required. Justin shares how he trained himself to think differently and in doing so, made the decision to start his own firm and set himself on a path to rapid, predictable growth!

Justin Stivers firmly believes that the probate process, and law in general, should be straightforward, stress-free and results-driven for the client.

Justin was born in Florida and raised in Knoxville, Tennessee. He earned his undergraduate degree at Appalachian State University in Boone, North Carolina, before serving in the Peace Corps in Honduras. His career eventually led him to attend law school at the University of Miami, where he earned his Juris Doctor. Now, as founder of The Law Offices of Justin B. Stivers, he’s enjoying the freedom of owning his own firm and serves on the Board of Directors for the Young Lawyers Section of the Dade County Bar Association as well as several other community and charitable initiatives.

For more information visit https://probatefirm.com


What happens when you lose track of your numbers and end up with an accounts receivable nightmare? It might look like money is flowing, but if your accounts receivables are as high as your gross profit, you’ve got a big problem! The harsh truth of this trap? You’re essentially working for free!

Attorney Liisa Speaker joins Rjon to talk about how she ended up with over a quarter of a million dollars in AR and what she did to fix it.

Liisa Speaker is the Owner and Attorney at Speaker Law Firm, an Appellate Boutique Firm. It is the only appellate boutique in mid-Michigan. The attorneys at Speaker Law Firm have extensive experience before state and federal appellate courts, but also strive to bring a pragmatic view to their client’s cases.

Ms. Speaker is highly involved in the legal community. She was appointed by the Michigan Supreme Court to two four-year terms on the Court Reporter and Recorder Board of Review. She is a past chair of the Appellate Practice Section for the State Bar of Michigan. She is also the Immediate Past President to the Ingham County Bar Association. Through her written and oral advocacy, Ms. Speaker has demonstrated a passion for developing an appellate practice that gives her clients a voice, while contributing to the legal community.

Liisa lives in Lansing with her husband, two daughters, Great Dane and a cat.

For more information visit www.speakerlaw.com


Is there such a thing as too much success too soon? Immigration Lawyer Mario Godoy wasn’t struggling to make money. In fact, he was making a decent profit but soon found that he was feeling like a victim of his own success. Too many clients, too much work.

That may sound like a good problem to have, but not when your firm starts running your life. Mario came to the realization that his lack of systems had backed him into a corner that required him to work days, nights and weekends, away from his wife and children. He quickly realized that if he didn’t make some changes, he was on the fast-track to burnout.

Listen in to hear how Mario turned it around and made a higher profit doing less and learn why it’s so important to have systems in place that allow your firm to run without you.

Mario Godoy is committed to helping Immigrants stay in America in an effort to keep the American dream and due process alive.

He advocates for his clients in Immigration Court, Criminal Court and before the Department of Homeland Security. Mr. Godoy has become an expert at guiding documented and undocumented clients through criminal cases, federal removal proceedings and family-based petitions.

In his spare time, Mr. Godoy coaches mock trials at Lake Forest College. He is also a volunteer attorney at First Defense Legal Aid and is an active member of the Illinois State Bar and the Dupage County Bar Association.

For more information visit https://godoyolivieri.com/

Are you committed to your firm’s growth?

The first step to building a better law firm and living a better life is scheduling a Discovery Call to find out more about How To Manage A Small Law Firm.

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“It’s been one year so in this one year since joining the program my gross revenues grew 48%. The best thing I did was create systems so that I could offload the burden of everything that I was carrying on my own shoulders and develop a team.

This program is brought out incredible richness within myself, and not only monetary riches but also inner riches. Part of that comes from the freedom of not having to carry everything all the time” 

-Michael H Cohen – Cohen Law Group, Palo Alto, CA

“Before I joined How To Manage, I had gotten pretty far in my life, you know at a very young age, but I had no clue how.

You’re not going to join this and hope that in 12 months you have a 7-figure firm. This is not a magic pill. You’re gonna work harder than you ever have before but you’re going to work harder on the smart things or the things that are going to drive you forward and move you forward and not just grinding and getting nowhere.” 

-Sara Khaki, Atlanta Divorce Law Group & The Khaki Law Firm, Atlanta, GA

“It gives me goosebumps thinking about it. You laid out how to grow a million dollar a firm on paper… This was October 2014 and October of 2017 is exactly when we hit it.

We’re just going to keep doing it and I don’t lose sleep anymore, my stress level has plummeted, I’ve finally become very relaxed and I feel great about where the firm is headed and comfortable that whatever happens, we can handle.” 

-Brett Trembly, Trembly Law Firm, Miami, FL

“It’s really not about the money. It’s about building something that can give me more freedom. Once I built this firm that can run without me that’s going to allow me to spend more time with my kids. We try and provide them the things that they need no matter what… But it’s a whole lot easier to do that with a million dollar law firm.

My goal for 2017 was to end the year at $350,000, and I ended the year at $500,000. As I stand here before you today my goal for 2018 is to gross a million dollars.” 

-Holly Moore, Moore Family Law Group, Corona, CA

“When we first joined, I think the biggest myth was, ‘we’re different, we practice immigration law what they’re teaching us really doesn’t apply to us. Maybe for other types of law.’ That was the biggest one, and at the end of the day we found out that know what we’re learning is how to create a successful business.”

-Alfredo Lozano, The Lozano Law Firm, San Antonio, TX

“My firm had been just growing just growing by dribs and drabs, and I wanted to have more profit from my business so I could do more for my family. When I started I was $340,000 and now I’m at $665,000, which is close to double what I did two years ago.

When I joined I thought having a $1,000,000 firm was completely ridiculous. ‘That’s not possible for me to have a $1,000,000 firm.’ And now my goal is to have a 1.2 million dollar firm.” 

-Lisa Speaker, Speaker Law Firm, Lansing, MI

Episode 10: Alexandra Geczi, Divorce & Family Law For Women

Most solos never take a single course in Law School on how to manage and grow a small law firm from nothing to over 7-figures in revenues… Alexandra (Alex for short) actually did take a 1-semester course in school about owning a small law firm, and yet when she was fired from what she believed was her “dream job” right after Law School, becoming a successful law firm owner wasn’t the first thing she was thinking about.

Alex had to truly break free from the paradigm of what you’re “supposed to do” to be considered a successful lawyer… And while that didn’t happen overnight, today Alex has a thriving business that last year alone her firm nearly DOUBLED in revenues and she’s well on her way to breaking the 7-figure barrier in 2019.

Listen to this episode and learn how to tie YOUR story into your sales conversations with prospects to convert more new clients. Plus learn why a magic statement that doesn’t suck is essential to getting more clients 😉

We help women struggling with unhappy marriages find the confidence to regain control over their lives.  Alexandra M. Geczi PLLC | Family Law is dedicated to empowering women to reach their full potential and transition into a fresh start.

In family law, there is no “one size fits all” approach. So we focus on our clients’ needs and how we can best guide them through the turmoil. Married to a narcissist? Worried about what family and friends will think? Scared that you’ll be left financially destitute?  By actively listening to our clients’ concerns, we analyze and develop a unique legal strategy for each client. Going to court, trial, and traditional litigation may be exactly what one person needs, whereas mediation or collaborative law may be more fruitful for others. And a divorce involving complex property is treated differently than a modification involving child support and child custody. Although we are always open to settling cases outside the courtroom, we are also prepared to fight for our clients and win inside the courtroom.

Visit her website at: https://www.familylawdfw.com

Episode 9: Katherine Miller, Westchester Family Law

4 years ago Katherine had a half-million-dollar practice that required her to do everything day-in and day-out, with enough profits to live comfortably but hardly any freedom from the job she had created for herself. Today, that firm produces 3x as much gross revenue and the freedom for Katherine to do the things she really wants to do with her life. Listen & learn some of the challenges she’s had along the way – especially about how to create an operation that doesn’t require you to kill yourself in the process.

“I developed a unique perspective in the practice of family law while litigating family law cases and working through my own divorce. Traditional divorce encourages resentment between spouses. My experience with non-traditional divorce gives me the ability to provide my clients with support and compassion they need to work through their legal issues. I think outside-the-box to achieve positive results for my clients and their families—solutions that work over the long-term.”

Visit her website at: https://westchesterfamilylaw.com/

Episode 8: Francisco Sirvent, The Keystone Law Firm

Francsico’s journey to building a 7-figure law firm was not always easy, predictable, and definitely not perfect… And today he’ll tell you that having a marketing machine that pumps out leads in overdrive is NOT what every solo lawyer needs to be obsessing over. Listen to this episode of real-life lawyers and discover how Francisco’s firm grew 650% in 1 year – And, as a BONUS… His wife, Nicole, was on the episode with him and one of the things we also touched on was how to successfully enroll your spouse/significant other in the business of managing your law firm when they don’t work in the firm.

Nicole (Francisco’s wife) and I have four children, Isabella, Gabriel, Sophia and Zachary.  Before entering law school, I promised my family that I would avoid becoming one of “those attorneys”.  I promised them that I would be different.  That commitment led me to find areas of practice where my skills could be used to build something positive for my clients and to minister to them in times of trouble.

Outside of the office, you might find me camping with my kids, fishing, hiking, hunting, working in the church nursery, or remodeling the kitchen.

Visit his website at: https://www.keystonelawfirm.com/

Episode 7: Sarah Poriss, Attorney at Law, LLC

If the phone stops ringing at your law firm, how do you get prospective clients to become paying clients and hire your firm? And if there are no new clients how will your firm work on a caseload that produces revenue to pay the bills? Attorney Sarah Poriss noticed that the phone stopped ringing as much in her firm, and when it did ring… The WRONG prospects were calling. Listen & discover how Sarah was able to get ahead of this issue and create a winning strategy to generate & convert more of the right kind of clients for her firm.

My firm is the largest foreclosure defense firm in Connecticut.  I help homeowners with all their mortgage questions, from the minute they become concerned about being able to pay their mortgage, to representing them in court in foreclosure mediation and other proceedings.  I am looking to work with homeowners who want to get out of their mortgage troubles and improve their future financial situation.

Visit his website at: https://www.sarahporiss.com

Episode 6: The Law Offices of Jason W. Estavillo

When is it time to replace yourself in some (or all) of your firm’s legal work, so that you can be free to be the CEO of the law firm? And how can you ensure that when you do replace yourself, your firm is not at jeopardy of being negatively impacted if a key employee quits? As your law firm grows, making sure that you can still step in and be in control, have seamless transitions between employees, and not be at the mercy of any 1 employee is a challenge you must overcome.

Jason W. Estavillo has over 25 years of experience representing his clientele in a variety of legal matters including breach of contract claims, real property disputes, and commercial litigation matters.  Jason focuses his legal practice in the areas of foreclosure litigation and real estate law. Jason’s litigation experience includes jury trials, bench trials, arbitrations, and multi-party mediation. He has tried numerous cases to verdict, and his clientele includes individuals, small to medium-size business, along with non-profit companies. Prior to founding the Law Offices of Jason W. Estavillo, PC, Jason worked for both large and medium-sized Bay Area firms.  While working in these firms, Jason was exposed to the huge overhead costs most firms today charge their clients.  Jason knew he could provide clients with the highest level of representation while not charging the enormous overhead if he opened his own practice.

Visit his website at: estavillolaw.com

Episode 5: Moore Family Law Group

How do you balance having a family and healthy work-life balance, and yet still provide exceptional client service to all clients? This is something Holly Moore was challenged with and by putting key staff, policies, and procedures in place, she was able to do both. Listen to her interview & discover exactly how Holly has been able to nearly double her revenues in 12 months, and the challenges she has been bale to overcome on that journey.

My Law Practice is focused exclusively on divorce, child custody, paternity actions, modifications of child support, spousal support, property division, domestic violence and all other issues that fall under the “umbrella” of Family Law. My passion is my clients. I recognize that while people are going through situations dealing with the breakdown of a marriage or how best to share their children, it is an incredibly challenging and heartbreaking time. It is also very nerve-wracking to have the future of your children, and/or security (financial or otherwise) be unknown or be in the hands of a Judge. There are many family law lawyers out there that know the law and can apply it, however, I believe family law litigants need more. They not only need a skilled legal professional, they also need someone who will listen to them and their concerns and fears and take it to heart. Instead of dismissing the clients’ fears because they are irrelevant to the law, I believe a family law attorney should empathize with their client and put 100% of their mind AND heart into the case. I strive every day to be this kind of Lawyer.

Visit her website at: http://www.hollymoorelaw.com

Episode 4: Vasquez de Lara Law Group

When you have a referral based law firm, the scariest thing is thinking about what happens if people stop talking?! And if you want to grow, grow, grow… How do you get people talking MORE? If you learn to leverage your referrals, know when and how to invest in networking… There’s no end to your marketing and sales machine. And that’s exactly what Vanessa Vasquez did to nearly triple her revenues – listen to learn how you can leverage your referrals and make more money.

Vanessa Vasquez de Lara, Esq. is the founder and owner of Vasquez de Lara Law Group, a law firm dedicated to assisting families with the legal issues affecting them, and their loved ones in family and probate court. Ms. Vasquez de Lara graduated cum laude from the University of Miami School of Law in 2002. She has been named to the 2015 Super Lawyers Rising Stars, 2016 Super Lawyers, 2017, and 2018 Super Lawyers lists. She is an experienced family, probate, and guardianship litigator. Cases handled in family and probate court include divorce, child custody, child support, relocation matters, preparation of wills, probating of assets with and without wills, and guardianships of incapacitated persons and minors.

Visit her website at: https://www.familylawprotection.com

Vasquez de Lara Law Group’s Law Firm 500 Honoree Profile – https://lawfirm500.com/2018-rank-96-vasquez-de-lara-law-group/

Episode 3: Sara Khaki – The Khaki Law Firm & Atlanta Divorce Law Group

Sara Khaki shares some of the most insightful parts of her journey, as well as a big challenge she’s had while starting & growing not one successful law firm… but TWO! And by the way, it’s worth mentioning that her second law practice had over 2 Million Dollars of annual revenues within 24 months of opening doors.

Sarah Khaki founded The Khaki Law firm in 2013 and devoted her legal practice solely to Social Security Disability. This is an area of law that is very close to her heart since she witnessed her mother suffer from cancer twice, while Sara was a child and then again as a young adult. Sara built her law firm to over 7 figures, and when she found herself in a cash crunch one day (because yes, even a million dollar law firm will experience a cash flow hiccup), she leveraged her resources and talents into family law to generate more revenue. What she discovered is that she is also very passionate about divorce and is committed to helping her clients have a smooth divorce, that will allow them to focus on their future.

Visit their website at: https://thekhakilawfirm.com/  & https://atlantadivorcelawgroup.com

The Khaki Law Firm 500 Honoree Profile – https://lawfirm500.com/2018-rank-11-the-khaki-law-firm-llc/

Episode 2: Jonathan Sparks – Sparks Law

Growing a small law firm means overcoming the challenges that come with every milestone as your business gets bigger – whether that means more staff, more revenue, more office space, or even just more equipment. Every level means a new devil and Atlanta business attorney, Jonathan Sparks, shares how he’s been able to overcome some of the challenges he’s faced on his journey as an entrepreneurial lawyer.

“Your old solutions become your new problems”

– Jonathan Sparks, Sparks Law, Atlanta, GA

As a business owner, you have plenty of decisions to make – sometimes you take risks and sometimes you need to avoid them. How do you set yourself up for success? That’s where we come in. We are SPARKS Law.

We believe that business owners should be in control of their schedules and budgets when it comes to legal decisions – just as with other decisions surrounding the business. We offer FLAT, PREDICTABLE fees that you can budget around. You set the priorities, and you will always know where you stand because with SPARKS Law you know what your bill will look like before we start the work.

We are here to help, working with you to strike the perfect balance between your legal and business demands. We come from entrepreneurial and legal backgrounds — experienced in the highs and lows of ownership, and the importance of protecting against future risks, while also planning for success.

With the Corporate Counsel Initiative, SPARKS Law has developed proven, trackable processes for key services. Let us help you today!

Visit their website at: https://www.sparkslawpractice.com/

Episode 1: Jennifer Gore-Cuthbert – Atlanta Personal Injury Law Group – Gore, LLC

Listen to Jennifer Gore-Cuthbert (Owner of Atlanta Personal Injury Law Group – Gore, LLC) share one of the most creative marketing breakthroughs that our team has come across yet.

At Atlanta Personal Injury Law Group, we believe that the victims of serious accidents deserve compensation for their injuries. They should not have to deal with uncooperative insurance companies and get the runaround while trying to recover physically, financially and emotionally. We represent victims of negligence on the road. We know that it only takes a second for a careless driver to change the lives of others forever. When our clients have serious injuries that require extensive medical care, lost income and other expenses, they can depend on us to fight for them.

Visit their website at: https://atlinjurylawgroup.com 


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