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“My paralegal and I are back. This was the first event I took her to. She “gets it” now. We are now both speaking the same language/she is now officially in the BUBBLE! I highly recommend that you guys bring your staff to events so they will learn our language and mindset. The PSP workshop was amazing. We worked hard and played hard. We have all of the basic internal and external policies done! Best money I ever spent!”

Robert G.(Texas)

“My secretary came with me to the workshop. Her response was the same as Robert’s paralegal. She, too, now get’s it and is totally in. Indeed, on the flight back to L.A. – without prompting from me – she wrote our entire set of external policies in the form of a booklet we will give to all clients, new and old. The PSP was well worth the time and cost. I fully expect it to yield a 7-figure return. Thanks especially to Kristen for her amazing stamina and leadership!”

Arthur R(California)

“I was not able to attend, but my wife was present. I felt like a little kid waiting for Santa Claus to bring all kinds of gifts from the workshop so we can enjoy them at the office. Now she is back and we are very much motivated about how all this new information will help us grow into the law firm we want to be. The potential ROI for this workshop is incredible – this is where every law firm should start – the foundation is the PSP!”

Alfredo L(Texas)

“I just want to let everybody know how grateful I am to be attending the PSP Workshop in Atlanta. This is PRECISELY what I’ve been needing for my business. At the last LQM, I was waffling about pulling the trigger. Kristen David told me I needed to just DO it. She was absolutely right.”

- Kiele P(Texas)
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