Tracie has a passion for travel and endeavors to spend as much time with her husband, Ryan, and her four children as possible. It has been a vital part of their family experience to instill working hard, which lays the foundation for flexibility to experience the world and play. Her four children (Halie, Lexie, Rylie, and Griffin) are entrepreneurs that attribute much of their drive to this mentality. The desire to achieve and make a difference in the world while reserving enough time for the people and things you love. Recently, Tracie and her husband relocated to Montana. They have spent a great deal of time exploring their new area and traveling the Pacific Northwest.

Professionally, she has a wealth of experiences to draw from. For many years she was a banker in the private sector and an entrepreneur running several successful businesses and partnerships. Tracie decided to pursue her dream of obtaining a legal education once her kids were all in school. She successfully received her Juris Doctor, her Master’s in Public Administration, and significantly increased the ROI for her corporation all in the same period. Through her lobbying efforts, she experienced presenting new and amended bills that she was able to successfully have written into state law through the Iowa General Assembly.

Tracie worked with the largest energy company in the nation on real estate deals to develop renewable energy projects around the United States. This included due diligence in mergers and acquisitions on the legal and financial portions of multimillion-dollar deals. She has spent years as a Chief Operating Officer and Chief Financial Officer for large statewide law firms in both the private and not for profit sectors. This included developing business plans, finance, programming, marketing, human resources, implementing and migrating various software platforms, coaching staff, and completely systematizing the firms.

She believes personal and professional development are a crucial piece of the success equation. Desire mixed with proper planning allows excellence when opportunities present themselves. To increase results, she became a certified professional coach. This translated well when implementing coaching sessions with her staff of over 200 employees and among the undergraduate students she taught as an adjunct professor of Leadership and Business Law courses.

Tracie relishes assisting business owners in developing the strategy and systems to support the vision that has been created for their company. In her personal time, she can be found reading, cooking new recipes from around the world, and exploring fascinating new places and cultures with her family.